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November 2019


 Human Greeting_Cheerful.txt

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Human Greeting_Cheerful.txt Empty
PostSubject: Human Greeting_Cheerful.txt   Human Greeting_Cheerful.txt EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 1:13 am

Salutations fellow humans(Exclamation mark) I am known by the name Michael and I too enjoy modules created to apply increased levels of enjoyment for the FO4.EXE Simulation.

Jk guys just figured you've read a thousand "hey guys im *Insert username here* posts and tried my best at being unique but it seems my large vocabulary has left me since I have joined the Army and I also do not know enough programming to make robot jokes.

I'm Michael and I've been lurking here for mods for a while now. I don't really have much to contribute in the form of content besides the occasional screenshots at low end graphics. When im not furiously smashing keyboards and throwing mice I play violin and I am currently active duty Army which keeps me pretty occupied. Thanks for reading!

Your fellow human,

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Human Greeting_Cheerful.txt

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