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December 2018

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 [FNV] A glitch with Dragbody's FO4 Power armor mod

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PostSubject: [FNV] A glitch with Dragbody's FO4 Power armor mod   Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:47 am

During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, I was able to get the enclave remnants to fight for me, but when they arrived ... I was a bit surprised to see that Judah Kreger and Doctor Henry were as tall as Cannibal Johnson and Orion Moreno, the ladder of which were in power armor while the former were in their regular enclave officer and scientist clothing respectively. If you know what the mod does besides well changing the appearance of the regular FNV power armor to the one in FO4, it also scales up the size of NPCs wearing power armor, and I am pretty sure what Kreger and Henry wear is not power armor. I uninstalled and reinstalled the mod, which didn't work and I also checked through FNVedit to see if there were any conflicts on my end but none were to be found. May someone help me with this please? I would prefer not see two old men tower over 6 NCR Veteran Rangers in my game haha.

UPDATE: I opened Judah Kreger's inventory and I cannot take the outfit he is wearing away from him, but I did give him my armor and he equipped it, and to my surprise his size scale went back to normal which means he isn't a giant anymore, though I would still prefer to have this issue fixed without having to put different clothes on him myself. So is this still an issue only for me on my end? or has it also happened to others?

UPDATE: Thank you guys for the help hahahaha... oh man this is taking forever
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[FNV] A glitch with Dragbody's FO4 Power armor mod

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