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May 2022


 Hey there

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Hey there Empty
PostSubject: Hey there   Hey there EmptyThu Oct 25, 2018 7:20 am

Hey! well i'm DragonT4, Dragon my favorite creature. And T4 being that i'm the fourth in my family, with a T name. in-fact all 9 siblings have T names haha, i tend to break my games with overly modding, so i end up having to fix a lot of issue's.. a lot... so many problems... wyre bash patches for life at this point, but i'm getting back into messing with fallout games after having been away so long and thought i poke around into the website after having seen the clones mod for example, i'm not a immersion kinda player so if i can have the terminator running around i will lol, (that broke a quest of two some years ago... mostermod had em at the time) i've messed around with editing and modding games myself for a little while. but never released much, well a lite coh mod, a radio list of electro swing for the radio mod on new vegas, and recently dropped a frame work mission for arma 3 on the steam workshop, but others like a new faction and adding guns to ships in homeworlf 2 or editing the zombies in dead island was always a private for me and friends, flash back to dead island. zombies being 20 feet tall died the fastest and zombies a foot tall took the longest.. i'm not sure why they did that haha but it was fun when the foot tall zombie pinballed around the room turning into a insta kill death bullet. lots of laughter from me and my buddie ha!, but anyway, i'm hopinh to be around more, i'm hoping to get into modding fallout 4 as i wait for the new vegas mod for 4 to drop. though i'm still waiting for a port of the 88cm cannon to fallout 4.. >.> love that mod... but yeah, hopefully see you guys around! if any mods come from my hands i'll drop a link once it functions and doesn't break the game.. too often ha!. take care!
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Hey there

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