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February 2020


 f04 vendor inventories

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f04 vendor inventories Empty
PostSubject: f04 vendor inventories   f04 vendor inventories EmptySat Jun 23, 2018 4:17 pm

Pretty much my current playthrough of FO4 was going to be settlement-based. Modded to the bursting point. I had big plans. Smile

But now I'm seeing that vendors of the same type share inventories and caps. This seems utterly insane. Why should I build a second town if it will have all the same goods, basically all loaded with the random junk I sold, and nothing else? I guess it just took me this long to get mad at fallout 4, and get with the times.
I posted on Nexus, but it looks like (surprisingly) no modders have tackled this huge, glaring problem.
I guess I should focus entirely on making one really good single settlement, but the Horizon mod sort of requires multiple strong successful settlements for them to be truly productive. Painted myself into a corner.
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f04 vendor inventories

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