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February 2020


 Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Tactics

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Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Tactics Empty
PostSubject: Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Tactics   Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Tactics EmptySat Jun 02, 2018 9:58 pm

I posted this in the nexus but thought I might as well ask here too.

Other than boosting my hunting skills, what are good tactics for surviving in Horizon? Ammo and healing aren't a big deal for me (surprising since that's what I expected, but... grognak's axe.) It's food and water that are a problem.

Other than a major place Diamond City, it's very, very rare for a trader to have more than one or two pieces of irradiated food, if there's anything. Covenant for instance had only one water available,and I built a diner that was only selling an insta mash and one other piece of food, and a few pieces of garbage.
It looks like I need 20 units of food production in one area before I can produce even one piece of food in a settlement. I've been googling around for a horizon settlement tutorial, I think maybe I am missing smething because it's going to be almost impossible to produce enough food to survive until relatively late game. That's a long way off.

So, other than the obvious answer of "the hunting skills" what's a good strategy? Anyone have any successes? I get and like that it's supposed to be a tough fight for survival, so I don't intend on whining and giving up. Smile
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Fallout 4 Horizon Survival Tactics

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