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October 2019


 FO4: Handmade rifle bug

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FO4: Handmade rifle bug Empty
PostSubject: FO4: Handmade rifle bug   FO4: Handmade rifle bug EmptyMon Jan 22, 2018 11:54 pm

I'm having this issue with the Handmade Rifle. I googled it and it's a common problem, but I've found no real fix. What happens is sometimes when I fire the gun in full-auto, it doesn't make sound, but muffled gunfire can be heard and it won't stop until I shoot or open the pip-boy. This only happens with the HMR, but has happened with 1 specific gattling laser on a completely different file. I have no idea how to fix this. This happens once in a while and all I usually have to do is reload a save, but that isn't working anymore. Am I just going to have to not use the fucking gun? If so, way to go Bethesda. Keep pumping out those paid-mod "updates" instead of fixing your game.
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FO4: Handmade rifle bug

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