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August 2018

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 Fallout 4 have figured out the mystery of performance.

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PostSubject: Fallout 4 have figured out the mystery of performance.   Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:59 am

Well I was doing some digging and it had baffled me once I got my AMD Fury X how Fallout 4 could perform so bad. Where my Titan was able to muscle past it so it was always playable. Then when asking if anyone else was having issues, those with r9 cards below the NANO/Fury/Fury X and the 390x had zero issues said it looked and played great.

The issue is this if you have console level hardware when the game does the autodetect settings scan. It would change everything from Hidden texture settings, LOD settings, Cell settings even some shadow settings that are not in the options menu of the game. If you had a good PC past console specs you got the PC Master Race settings on everything in the INI bethesda decided was the way to go. Thats why some people had to delete their INI's after "performance improvement patches" So the game would run correctly.

After figuring it out tonight and going though setting all my hidden visual and cpu intensive settings down to that of a consoles. It ran smooth.

One guy I told him about it as he used my guide to improve the games performance over a year ago. Well he was like people should have a choice! I was like no not really different levels of hardware you let people have full access in the options to them or let them pick what options they want it could cause the game to just crash and not even start. It would be a PR nightmare, bad reviews, support ringing off the hook, support email flooded. Even financially the company would have to hire on more staff to handle it. Not one sizes fits all, console level hardware does in a sense. but pc master race. and giving those on whatever side they are on an option could lead to a disaster, many that have higher to top end pc's would just crank it all up then rage their game runs so bad.

Those generally with higher end new AMD gpu's already know the deal of having to change settings especially on a gameworks title.He could not grasp that having a choice for all of that is bad. Its like the mods people put out and the flack authors get. But on a grander scale. We have the luxury to say OK don't use the mod, A company has to provide customer service and fix the issue to telling people to sod off. Legally they really cannot do it and get away with it too long.

But yeah I found out that there are two settings finally after all this time for Fallout 4 the console pre configured settings or the PC master Race settings that Bethesda set forth. And having all those options available in the menu or as a switch would be bad.


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Fallout 4 have figured out the mystery of performance.

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