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October 2019


 FO4 Armor Port Help

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PostSubject: FO4 Armor Port Help   FO4 Armor Port Help EmptySun May 15, 2016 9:17 pm

So ive gotten so far that ive got the armor ingame (untextured) without problem. The next part is that when i try to apply the textures, first they do not appear and second when i thought i fixed it the game just crashed, it never crashed with the mesh itself so something has been done wrong in nifskope with the textures.

Edit: Textures, specular maps and normal maps have been added, but it still crashes in the CK and ingame

Any suggestions or help would be appriciated and ill leave the mesh file here if anyone wants to look at it Smile

If you have some questions regarding one of my screens fell free to send me a message Smile
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FO4 Armor Port Help

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