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May 2022


 I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D

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I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D Empty
PostSubject: I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D   I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D EmptyTue Oct 30, 2018 1:20 pm

Hey everyone, my name is Austin and I got into Fallout starting with Fallout 3 back in 2009. My dad had it on the PS3 and I'd never heard of it. I was bored one day and picked it up and couldn't put it down. Fallout was such a unique game like none I'd played before, and it sparked a life-long interest in post-apocalyptic scenarios for me, from games, to movies, and then to books. I've never been a fan of playstations though, so eventually I got my own copy of Fallout 3 for the xbox. I must have beat every mission in full playthroughs 10 times. If I'm not mistaken, there were 50 achievements, and I got 48 of them. The last 2 were just karma related, but I always played a good character.

Well, eventually I switched to PC gaming and I downloaded a ton of mods for Fallout 3. I don't remember how many, but it was definitely overhauled. At this point in time though, I didn't understand much about how modding was done. Several years later and here comes Fallout 4. I've modded the game to Hell and back. It was with Fallout 4 that I started learning how the mods actually work, from getting familiar with FO4Edit, to eventually learning the very basics of Creation Kit.

Now, by all means, I'm still a novice, but I know enough that I can understand what other authors are doing when I look at their .esp's. I've created a few of my own mods on the Nexus, but my masterpieces are Sanctuary Leftovers and Main Menu Red Rocket Garage. Give them a look!

Currently I'm running Fallout 4 with about 200 mods and retextures, but the best part is that I spent days splicing them all together and creating merge patches. I combined them all into one 8.5gb .rar file so that whenever I periodically do a fresh OS install, I can easily reinstall all the mods...I've also taken care of almost all of the potential conflicts. Obviously I can't share this overhaul because of how many other authors' work are involved, but I wish I could!

While I'm at it, there is something that has bugged me since the release of the game, and that is the model design for the locomotive engines in the game. They just look like Frankenstein creations that logically don't make any sense. No way to get to the cabin. The cabin isn't even big enough to fit a person in it. The back of the engine has no connection to actually hook up to the cars it would pull. It's just plain ugly. What I am curious is how would one import the model from the train engines in New Vegas and import those into Fallout 4? Thanks for any feedback.

Edit: If anyone is interested in the rig I'm running, it is as follows:

Case: Corsair C70, military green

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600

RAM: 16gb DDR4

Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD

PSU: Corsair 750w, Fully modular, Platinum certified

And most importantly, Graphics card: Mini ITX 1080
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I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D   I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D EmptyTue Oct 30, 2018 8:54 pm

Welcome to Gun community!@shaggy08251993 nice to meet u,I hope to see your creations in gun! gun is a fantastic place whit unique mods ,take a look Thumbs Up

helpful links about site rules and mod access
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I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D   I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D EmptyWed Oct 31, 2018 6:58 am

@shaggy, welcome to GUN. I'll have to check out those mods you mentioned. As far as this site here, you'll fit right in with others that share the same passion and experience. A very easy place to hang out. Enjoy the community as much as the mods.
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I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D   I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D Empty

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I'm a HUGE Fallout fan :D

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