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 Porting Armor in Blender

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Porting Armor in Blender Empty
PostSubject: Porting Armor in Blender   Porting Armor in Blender EmptyMon Apr 03, 2023 5:46 pm

Hey guys,

I'm pretty new around here and since I have not been able to find a way to post in the Fallout 4 Mods Forum I try it here and hopefully the mods have mercy.

Currently I try to port an armor from Wolfenstein for Fallout 4.
I have already cleaned the mesh from all redundant objects like the gore splatters when it would come apart in New Order.
Also I already cut off the gloves to make my life a lot easier because moving every bone of each hand just goes leagues above my novice competence.
Where I am stuck is the rigging process.

The mesh itself has no skeleton on its own and as a result most youtube tutorials have failed me.
How I tried to do it was to load the mesh into Blender, load up the Fallout 4 Male Body with its skeleton attached, force the armature into position, erase the body, parent the armature to the new model and manually bringing it back into the shape of the Male Body, deleting the old armature and parenting a new, final one.

But I could use some quality of life tips.
When in pose mode when I try to work the arms and legs there is nosymmetric movement and instead as the left arm goes inward the right arm goes outward. Same with moving one arm up and the other goes down.
I have no idea if there are advanced seetings for the X Mirror around that I may have missed.

Another problem is that I saw I could copy the pose of one armature and paste it upon another but it won't work for me either.
For both armatures I have simultaneously in Blender the object properties are set for pose position instead of resting position but ctrl + V just won't do it.

As a result what I do may be as symmetrical as it gets to the eye but I know its not the case and I could use some help.
Maybe there is an even easier process to pull of the port?

Anyway I am open for tips and advice.
Thanks in advance.
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Porting Armor in Blender

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