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 Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF

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Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF Empty
PostSubject: Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF   Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF EmptySat Dec 18, 2021 4:17 pm

I live in country where in my 37 y of life, i haven't met a single fellow FNV player / fan in person!. People here will recognize cod or gta series in a heart-beat but remain oblivious to Fallout. I started fnv in 2012 and after a cpl of vanila playthroughs i became confident in modding this masterpeice. Nexus was my first intro to mods platform. After a lot of F'ups and multiple clean reinstalls in 2013 or 2014 I got the hang of it. (didnt knew back then that there are youtube video tutorials for modding and articles like viva las vegas nonetheless never really used them I figured out myself what i need)
Fun Fact: im poor I have a very old low end laptop which can barely run AAA games released up until year 2011 or 12 on low- med graphical settings. So, graphical aestherics mods was or is never an option. Cant afford to upgrade or buy new pc so far but eho cares when i can add mods to FNV Smile and also SkYRim but thts another story another day...
Fallout New Vegas has been with me through recessions, unemployement, heartbreaks, all Thanks to the selfless efforts of this beautiful modding community.
let me tell u guys how and why i am here on Gun Network. I tried everything possible i can to make my modded fnv limmited under 200 mods and without major overhauls or huge texture mods. Just like to have Guns a lot of real world models im not a big of fantasy or energy.. secondly armours, companions, quality of life and npcs. I found the best mods on gun network and i appriciate and admire the work of very talented modders everyday. Ima big fan of huge weapons packs such as RSA, BF4, milenia and friends complete. whatevrr my potato lappy can handle ive dont that now im feeling at the end, cant find more free stuff here aswell and truth to be told i dont understanding rules regarding mods in a private section which will activate after i met certain requirements. im not a very good reader and english is not my native lang. I would be so delighted if somehow miraculously i find some more new stuff that i havent experianced yet . pardon me if this was drag or rant.

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Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF   Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF EmptySun Dec 19, 2021 9:51 am

Welcome to Gaming Underground Network! Welcome

Love to see such an awesome intro
I relate to the mod-limit struggle, but with plenty tinkering,
you'll get your game going with pretty awesome results.

As for your questions, there are no private mods, no private section anymore.
Don't worry about all that, it's all been abolished. All the mods we have are fully available to all.
Leave your feedback in the topics of the mods you're using and
be sure to bless us with your screenshots and/or videos when you have'em Thumbs Up

Hope to see you around a lot cheers
Best regards

The Winds of Change Rules - F.A.Q. GUN Insider Interview
Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF DVAted
Click here for official GUNetwork Facebook page and submit your best Screenshots!
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PostSubject: Re: Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF   Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF EmptyTue Dec 21, 2021 8:32 am

Thank you !
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PostSubject: Re: Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF   Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF Empty

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Aloha! Gunners FNV4LYF

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