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January 2021


 A second try at Fallout 2.

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gavin gold

gavin gold

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A second try at Fallout 2. Empty
PostSubject: A second try at Fallout 2.   A second try at Fallout 2. EmptyMon Jan 11, 2021 2:09 pm

Some time ago I posted about my experience with Fallout 2, how I absolutely hated it, and how Fallout 4 was a much better game.

I decided to give it a second try. But this time, I was going to do things right: I was going to listen to the old timers, I was going to spend some time looking up tutorials and learning about the game before diving in, I was going to keep the wiki open at all times, I was going to mentally prepare for the archaic mechanics...

I felt I should give it a fair try, so I did. Played the game a few times, made sure to finish at least once.

The story: It's OK. Not bad, not great. The premise is nothing new, but it works fine: small town hero, a quest to save your family, a magical object that's the answer to all your problems, and a tyrannical government that stands in your way.

It has a lot in common with Fallout 3 and 4, which is ironic considering how older players say the story in both those games is terrible. The character is far from being a blank slate, having his past, origin and identity well defined. Family is your main motivation. And the game, both in terms of story and mechanics, pushes you towards being the good guy. Yes, there's plenty of room to murder, enslave, plunder and even genocide along the way, but saving Arroyo is always the goal. The game doesn't end until you save your village, and if you're evil in the process it's both awkward given the story, and you will be getting a lot less XP that you otherwise would. I have no problem BTW, I like playing as the hero, I just think it's ironic that people complain about the very same thing in Fallout 4.

On that same note, the Enclave is one of the lamest villains I've ever seen, specially compared to Caesar's Legion in NV or the Institute in FO4, both of which are truly insidious, ever-present threats. They barely have any presence in the game until the very end.

At certain points it feels really preachy, which is something I don't appreciate. The Chosen One should be disgusted to find his ancestral home turned into a deathclaw nest. And, further, it doesn't matter if they're pacifists or not, normal deathclaws are a threat as it is, intelligent deathclaws would be an incalculable threat to humans in a world where civilization is trying to climb out of the gutter. But if you recognize these issues, the game openly tells you you're evil, because why? Kumbaya and let's all get along or you're a bigot? The master mutilated and experimented on innocent people turning them into brain damaged monsters and the "good" mutant Marcus defends it, but I'm the bad guy if I don't like mutants? BTW that could be an interesting conversation, but how about you let the player decide what's good and what's evil instead of having Fallout Jesus tell you?

Honestly, the one part about the story that's truly great is how much freedom you have to progress. Compared to Bethesda's RPGs where to need to locate the one item, or find the one person, or complete the one objective to advance the story, it's nice to have so many ways in which you can go about things.

The world: To me, this is where the game truly shines. The devs really thought about how things would work. Settlements make sense. There's power plants for electricity, wells for clean water. There's farmers who produce food, trappers who hunt for skins and meat, and tanners who produce the leather outfits people wear. There's churches, and casinos, and bathhouses. The world really exists for a purpose beyond giving you targets to shoot, and you can take part in it.

The problem is you get next to nothing out of it. The game lets you waltz into the casino's boss office, put a bullet between his eyes, fuck his wife and daughter and leave a baby in both their bellies, like a total fucking chad. But your reward for it is what? A ending slide? Videogames simply can't replicate the thrill you get out of something like that. The one thing videogames can let you experience fully is combat, which is why I'm not surprised the rpg elements have been neglected in new titles in favor of improving the combat mechanics.

The mechanics: The whole isometric RPG formula, further limited by the archaic tech of the 90's, is the worst about the game. And that shouldn't matter, but it does, because it gets in the way of enjoying the story and experiencing the world. This would be a significantly better game if made on a modern engine, but I'm not kidding when I say at certain points I actually fell asleep when playing. And those talking heads are the stuff of nightmares, Myron specially.

Overall, no, it wasn't as terrible as I originally felt it was. I ended up actually enjoying it. But I wouldn't go back. Fallout 4 was a far better game for me, and a lot of Bethesda's decisions now make a lot more sense.

Anyway, that's my perspective. Like I said, I simply wanted to give the game a fair try. Hopefully that explains the perspective of a younger player to the older audience. Feel free to agree or disagree.
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A second try at Fallout 2.

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