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 Couriers Radio Mod Playlist

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Migo of Mojave

Migo of Mojave

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Couriers Radio Mod Playlist Empty
PostSubject: Couriers Radio Mod Playlist   Couriers Radio Mod Playlist EmptySat Aug 24, 2019 8:06 am

So I recently got the mod called couriers radio by AltDunmer on nexus working right and cant get over my wasteland playlist and was thinking of adding more songs to it. Im using 40 song mix now but im wanting to take it to 60. Need help adding 20 more songs. Here is what I got so far.

1.A horse with no name- america
2. Africa- toto
3. All along the watchtower- jimi Hendrix
4. stayin alive- Bee Gees
5. Beyond the sea- bobby darrin
6. dancing in the moonlight- king harvest
7. lets dance- David Bowie
8. dont stop me now- queen
9. right place wrong time- dr. john
10. dream weaver- gary wright
11. evil woman- electric light orchestra
12. for what its worth- buffalo springfield
13. getting jiggy with it- will smith (you know for those times)
14. come and get your love- redbone
15. hold the line- toto
16. hold-home
17. resonance- home
18. hotel California- eagles
19. ive got you under my skin- frank sinatra
20. jumpin jack flash- rolling stones
21. happy man- jungle
22. platoon- jungle
23. get down on it- kool and the gang
24. little pretty- otis stacks
25. sorry- otis stacks
26. blue monday- new order
27. ocean man- ween
28. somewhere over the rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole
29. one thing leads to another- the fixx
30. out of touch- hall and oates
31. refugee- tom petty
32. saturday nights alright for fighting- elton john
33. wham bam shang a lang- silver
34. sister golden hair- america
35. somebody to love- jefferson airplane
36. son of a preacher man- dusty springfield
37. sympathy for the devil- rolling stones
38. the passenger- iggy pop
39. the rubberband man- the spinners
40. ventura highway- america

Going off this list what you guys and gals think I should add?
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Couriers Radio Mod Playlist

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