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November 2019


 Hey y’all!

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Hey y’all! Empty
PostSubject: Hey y’all!   Hey y’all! EmptyThu Jan 03, 2019 5:52 am

Noob over here, but I hope I get to change that sooner or later. My story basically is this: I love adding mods to my games, and Fallout 4 has been my recent attraction. I took the typical approach and modded through Nexus, but after a while, I wasn’t really finding what I wanted on the Nexus. While googling Fallout 4 armor mods, I stumbled upon images of a very cool pack that had many armors and clothes, particularly Battlefield 4 armor. Fast forward a bit, I made an account here, and discovered the large community and mods. I was really surprised, seeing how I didn’t even know this site existed. Anyway, I look forward to exploring the site, finding even more mods, and meeting new people.
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Hey y’all! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey y’all!   Hey y’all! EmptyFri Jan 04, 2019 5:19 am

@LimeGuy36 - welcome to GUN. I'm into FO4 right at the moment, myself. Glad the mods lead you to GUN, but get to know the community of like minded people here as well. It's a friendly easy place to hang and if you're a 'noob' (the label doesn't mean much here....we were all at one time) then you have an opportunity to pick up some good help along the way. Enjoy!
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Hey y’all!

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