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November 2019


 Arcjet Settlement Wierdness

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Arcjet Settlement Wierdness Empty
PostSubject: Arcjet Settlement Wierdness   Arcjet Settlement Wierdness EmptyTue Aug 14, 2018 8:45 pm

So I've build a custom settlement location using the conquest mod (I really just wanted the scrap in there.) The weird thing is that anything I put down, a bed, a wall, a floor, looks like a a shadow.  It still works normally (the wall is solid, the bed can be slept in.)  But the object itself is black and semi-transparent.  
I can't imagine what could cause this, as it only happens in the arcjet facility.  I get that putting settlements in strange places is going to be buggy, but I'm curious if anyone has any insight as to what could make places objects look so strange.

Edit: When I reload, previously placed items now look solid. But then I place more things, and they're "shadowy" until I reload again. Well, weird but harmless I guess. It seems to only happen in the arcjet facility.
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Arcjet Settlement Wierdness

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