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[CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

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[CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by TheHulksCousin on July 3rd 2017, 11:51 pm

Happy 4th of July everybody! Today is when Americans like myself will spend the day preparing barbecue on the grill, spending time with family, and blowing shit up in the name of the glorious U.S. of A.

But while everyone is busy celebrating, it can be easy to forget that we wouldn't have the freedom to do these things if it wasn't for the bravery and sacrifices of the men and women of the armed forces. That is why we wanted to celebrate soldiers around the world with this month's contest.

The Military Graphics Contest

The theme for this contest is the Military. That doesn't just mean the U.S. military. ANY military personnel, equipment, and vehicles are allowed in this contest. The only thing we ask is that we keep the submissions centered around past or modern military styling.

This means Star-Wars, Star-trek, and other Sci-fi related titles are not allowed in this contest. We already did an entire contest for Science Fiction games. Also, games that jump the line between modern and Sci-fi such as Black Ops 2, 3 and Advanced Warfare will not be allowed. If you're upset we're not including SCi-fi games in this contest, I suggest you read this quote from @DVAted concerning the same matter when mixing the themes was suggested during the May Event Poll:
To be honest, we've considered it in the Contest Committee chat, but we realized it would be offensive to real life soliders and soldiers' families from the past or present trenches of war, to place them side-by-side with fictional (and often comically aim-impaired) storm-troopers, clone armies or battle droids who get decimated by the thousands by the protagonist or antagonist of whatever space story.
So, in the bounds of respect and good taste, please respect the theme for this contest: Modern Military.

So give us your very best submissions from games such as Call of Duty 1 to MW3, The Battlefield franchise, Insurgency, Tom Clancy's many games, World of Tanks, Arma, Counter-Strike, Verdun, and many more! Show off the soldiers in your favorite games and give those boys and girls some love and attention! These games are just suggestions, but if you're not sure if your game would be allowed, PM me and ask!

1. Respect the format:
This contest is for graphics, digital or hand-drawn: banners*, wallpapers, signatures, .gif animations, drawings, paintings, etc. are all accepted. NO MEMES. Each member may submit up to 3 images. Include them all in one post. Don't make multiple posts in this topic.
(*Nearly every single banner sized 900x200 will be featured in rotation on top of the site from the moment it is posted here, for the duration of the event. They should include the site name "Gaming Underground Network" or "GUNetwork" or G.U.N. on them.)

2. Respect the theme of the contest
Submissions must relate to military organizations in some way, either directly or indirectly.
All images and visual symbolism are allowed, as long as they relate to military iconography in some way.

3. Only submit your own graphics!
Submissions must be created by you, for this contest. Don't post someone else's work, fan-art or unedited official imagery. We will check. Violation of this rule will have you disqualified and possibly sanctioned with negative rep.

4. Only post contest submissions here
DO NOT post comments about other users posts here. If you want to tell someone you like their work or have any other commentary, send them a PM or save your comments until after the winners are announced. We will open the topic for feedback when the contest is over.

5. Only edit the submissions entry before voting starts
Those who wish to change or modify their submission, may do so, as much as they like, within the submissions period. Once the submission period ends, further edits will not be taken into consideration.


Disclaimer: Due to unforeseen circumstances, these rules may change at any time.

The submission period for this contest starts today!
July 4th - July 18th
After the submission period is over, a team of judges will deliberate, with the winners announced by July 25th.

The submission period has been extended onto the end of the month.

Now, onto the real reason anyone does anything nowadays... REWARDS!

4. Everyone who participates receives a guaranteed +1 rep from the organizing committee.

3. The top 5 winners of this graphics contest will all have their winning submissions featured in our site's group facebook photo albums!

2. The top 3 winners will be awarded a game key from the official list of game rewards:

1. Also, if the 1st place winner is not already a colonial, they will be instantly promoted!
(*members who have been demoted due to certain more or less recent grave infractions will not qualify for this reward)

I wish everyone that participates good luck, happy posting, and happy 4th of July!

and don't forget to also participate in our other contests:
The Military Screenshots Contest
The Military Fan-Fiction Contest

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Can you figure it out?:
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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by Uptoon on July 6th 2017, 11:22 am




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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by kbrandonsb on July 11th 2017, 1:40 pm

So, I'm new but I thought I'd join in. I did my graphic in the form of wallpapers.

The character is from Battlefield 1 btw.

This is based on Full Metal Jacket.

The final one is using an image from cod ww2 but using my photoshop with the makeshift grave and such.

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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by Onceknown on July 16th 2017, 10:54 pm

Quick little last minute submission, doesnt look like much but more work was put into it than it looks. also sorry for not posting much, ive been busy.

I'm apart of an elite group of keyboard warriors.

-P.S- Usually gone on weekends


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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by griffman02 on July 23rd 2017, 2:09 pm

I love graphic design and am glad I was able to hop on to this contest. Long time lurker but I'm trying to actually contribute now TongueTril


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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by tuxek on July 30th 2017, 12:54 pm

I am an insane rookie when it comes to photoshop and I guess these kind of contests help with learning.
I'm planning on posting two images of which one may look a bit more edited than the other.

You may not really see it in this image but I tried having another military image inside the text.
I am planning on having the next image achieve that feature a bit better.
I also like attack helicopters.


So I tried something interresting with this next one.
So the game Spec ops: The line has different main menu screens the further you go to the main campaign becoming darker as the story goes darker aswell. Its a neat little detail.

So I wanted the text to have the darker shade of the main menu in it.
A real shame I couldn't figure out how to combine the two images a bit more in the corners or something.
Maybe I'll find out later.
For now I'm happy with the result.


And a bit of a reskinned idea I got from making my second entry as a third. Maybe people like it better.

They both aren't 900 by 200 though So I won't get to see them in the site banner even if it won. But hell do they look pretty.

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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by William Lionheart on August 7th 2017, 1:08 pm

Sorry about the delay folks but the results are in

1st: Onceknown
2nd: kbrandonsb 3rd pic
3rd: tuxek 3rd pic
4th: griffman02 3rd pic
5th: Uptoon 2nd pic

So  Congratulations!  to @Onceknown for winning the GFX Contest. To everyone else we hope to see your works in to be added to our banners. You're all talented people and we'd love to see your work.
William Lionheart

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Re: [CONTEST] Military Graphics Contest

Post by Sponsored content

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