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December 2017

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 Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV

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PostSubject: Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV   Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:24 pm

Hello, Everyone This is a discussion about cooking and I hope someone will take my message to heart and maybe help me with others to make it real.

Cooking and healing items in the like watered down BBQ sauce hahahahah. But what if we could change that! I do not know if their are any food mods here on GUN. But this is no small time mod i am thinking of...this is a OVERHAUL of cooking in fallout 3 and new vegas.

(This will do three things that will make so much of a awesome difference.)

First, It will add a house load of new ingredients to fallout 3 and new Vegas. And one perk called Boy Scout/Girl Scout and It will say just like the scouts of old, you learned to live off the land and cook all sort of things and also you are able to fix old ovens to give a little bit more life for cooking. Now I was in the scouts and they thought me all sorts of things like even how to gather herbs.

The mod will also add herbs which are used as addiction free chems to offer minor bonuses. Like aloe works like med x but with no addiction chance, Devils weed will increase your charisma and speech by 10, gecko mushrooms will be used with broc flower to make Curing Powder;It will cure your poison and heal your broken limbs but no healing HP. And second rank of the perk allows you to gather three items when harvesting food like plant life and such. I think that be much more useful then getting one and having to look all over the desert to find one more.

Second it gives you three choices of cooking....baking, frying, and making soups and salads.

Baked foods will heal the most but offer no stats bonus and only last a small amount of time.
Fried foods will need most ingredients but will offer S.p.e.c.i.a.l. bonuses and last longer then baked food.Soups and salads, will heal the lowest and shortest but will offer special healing other then just healing. like Poison resistance, breathing underwater, curing poison, moving faster, increased melee damage? You kinda get it.

And offer 3 new challenges that when all completed reward you a bonus perk

The first is called Medicine Man, you must use anyof the herbs 10 times.

The second is called Local Survivalist, you must heal 5000 HP using healing items or eating food. (their is a achievement for healing or eating food I think it called "Desert Survivalist" where you need 10,000 points of hp healed from food.) So my mod makes perfect sense.

The third and final one is for you to harvest 50 herb/food off the land. It makes sense not every meal you find will be a beef steak. Sometime you need to harvest fruits and berries and herbs to eat. See this challenge will need you to harvest the vanilla plantlife in game. I will have it so the herbs and spices are placed in people stores so u can buy them. it seem too much work to create new game models for them. And the Challenge is called My Green Thumbs you can see I put some time and effort into this. Do I have the modding skills to make it. Not really but I want to show the community I am not some twit who just here for free mods. I wanna offer my ideas and such. If anyone wants to help me make this real i could really improve fallout 3 and NV and maybe even four as a whole. Their is such a lack of common food in the game it makes you understand why people are killing each other for dumb metal bottlecaps lol.

please offer your ideas and comments below.

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PostSubject: Re: Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV   Sat Mar 05, 2016 2:39 pm

At this point, I would rather the overhaul of Fallout 4's cooking due to the certain limitation of Fallout 3/NV. I don't mean you can't do on these games but if you took a look at Skyrim, we have some great Food/Cooking receipt overhaul and I expect the same thing carry over to Fallout 4 when GECK release. After all they are using the same engine. The herb is actually an interesting concept as I found many collectible plants on Commonwealth wasteland serves almost no purpose besides as ingredient of chem and planting. These are just some of my thought. Thumbs Up
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PostSubject: Re: Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV   Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:55 am

thank you for your output, and you're right one great thing in the game is collecting stuff whether that be weapons or random items or armor and when you can actually use all the items you collect I really feel it improves the game at home. Now fallout 3 you have all sorts of things you could collect but it had no purpose and Fallout New Vegas they try to make it so that you can actually use most of those items but not all of them and fallout 4 they said everything you pick up has a purpose I guess I want the emergence of fallout 4 in New Vegas in 3 to wear most items you pick up you can use food wise

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PostSubject: Re: Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV   

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Cooking Idea and improving the healing items in FO3/NV

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