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January 2017

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 I can't figure this ish out...(Blender Problems)

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PostSubject: I can't figure this ish out...(Blender Problems)   Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:39 am

So, I've edited Drag's Legion Huntress armor to fit the Dimonized T3 Berry body. After about 5 hours of learning from trail and error(and online tuts) I've managed to get it to look pretty neat. The problem is, when I throw it on in game, my character's body disappears. Like, she's just a floating head with hands (closed eyes smile Like Haunter from Pokemon). I spent another hour trying to figure it out when it hit me; the GUN modders are the best in the business. Surely one of you guys could help me with this.

Please help me  and thank you in advanceies

EDIT: Oh yeah, the armor is from Caesars New Regime, if you guys need to know

EDIT2: Many hours of work later and I still can't get it right... Is it because the mesh pieces were originally fitted to the vanilla body? If I was to post the .nif to show you guys what I mean and have you guys look at it, would that be infringing on drag's copyrights?
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I can't figure this ish out...(Blender Problems)

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