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December 2016

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 Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3

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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:39 am

Mostly what has been said already, New Vegas gave the feel I was expecting from a Fallout based in the location of Las Vegas. But how it came to be with the factions surrounding it absolutely astonished me, the NCR - a democratic federation that watches over New Vegas and uses it freely by letting their soldiers on leave gamble, party, get laid, have fun, etc.
Then there's the Legion, an autocratic, traditionalist, totalitarian slaver society that basically opposes the NCR's ways and methods.

New Vegas may not have had an emotional storyline like Fallout 3 but it made up for it by having a more complex, more interactive outcome. Mostly by choosing a faction.

This won't stop me from leaving credit where credit is due, Fallout 3 gave me an experience I'll never forget and we'll always remember it as 2008's Game of the Year.


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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:58 pm

Definitely New Vegas even though Mr. New Vegas is nowhere near Three Dog, the story, landscape and immersion is all superior in New Vegas.
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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:24 pm

As much I like Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas beats it by far because of the development of characters.

Most of all the companions... It bugged the very hell out of me how we couldn't see more of Fallout 3 companions and their characters themselves like we would with the other games. So Fallout New Vegas showing us how they develop got major points from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Thu Nov 24, 2016 4:31 pm

I don't think we can say that either is strictly "better" than the other. Here's my comparison:
Fallout 3:
Definitely takes the prize for pace and storytelling, a suspense filled drama that feels like death follows you around. Difficulty and gameplay were perfectly balanced against one another, with scarce resources and enemies everywhere, and finally great characters that grip you (NV has that too). However it is a little restrictive with choices, and the stock ending does end abruptly.

Fallout NV:
Better gameplay than 3, with its fixed gun mechanics, a dark comedy jam with funny characters, familiar faces, and a much better environment than 3 (in my opinion I prefer the Mojave, but I'm a West Coast guy). Great new faction system, with questlines and choice for each of them. It only suffers from being a little too easy and atmosphere is a little lacking.

Both do exactly what they were designed to do perfectly, and it depends on either the personal preference or mood of the player to decide which they prefer. I love both equally, but if a choice would have to be made, I would take FNV, only due to the fact I love the weapon mechanics.

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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:30 pm

I have to say Fallout 3 and no it's not because it's the first fallout game I modded and found myself here but because I knew what I had to do in Fallout 3. Opposed to Fallout NV that felt very boring and bland so much landscape, But so little things to kill in fallout 3 I hardly ever ran out of things to kill and it had the Doom traped in hell type feel to it almost like if you died you would be stuck in hell forever, While in NV all I got was these forces known as the NCR that don't even have any working vehicles outside of the vertibird that you can one shot with a UMP.45 and troops that make me want to crack WW1 jokes that no one could take seriously along with Caesars legion running around in red like they're on meth or something I just really couldn't take NV seriously at all and once you get done with the main story line it's over no more free roam for you. And the DLC's for Fallout NV...Let's just say never buy them under 1$
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PostSubject: Re: Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3   Today at 5:08 pm

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Which fallout is best NV or Fallout 3

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