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 Jango Fett vs Han Solo

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Jango Fett vs Han Solo - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jango Fett vs Han Solo   Jango Fett vs Han Solo - Page 2 EmptyMon Feb 01, 2016 9:36 am

@Mordraal wrote:
@kingswat wrote:
@Mordraal wrote:
@kingswat wrote:
@praising wrote:

You've made your point, but, I want to argue more about this fight.  Smile
You said that :

Reason 1: Han chases storm troopers on there own turf. But Jango is one of the best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy, and part of his job is to kill.

Reason 2: Han directly attack Darth Vader on Bespin upon seeing him. Well, we all know how that went down, Han got froze in carbonite. This shows one of the greatest weakness of Han Solo, his self confidence and arrogance. He overestimate himself and therefore could lose against Jango because of that.

Reason 3: Jango only did real damage by using Slave1. I don't think his priority was to kill Obi Wan, if Jango was really trying to kill Obi Wan  he'd do it differently. He was just trying to escape during this moment.

(this is fun, we should come up with more hypothetical fight topic like this one)

lolz it is pretty entertaining

No disrespect to jango cause he is a bad ass (in some cases), but its really hard to call someone the best bounty hunter in the galaxy when he was hired to assassinate padme. and Instead of shooting her in the head, he hires an assassin to do the job for him by dropping poisonous worms into her room. who also gets herself chased and caught by the Jedi then is willing to give up the whole plan so instead jango shoots her. when instead of following the jedi he could he personally done the job himself. as for arrogance jango jumped into an arena filled with jedi expecting to outrun the force with a jetpack which is damaged by a bull (reek) that he actually could of avoided with his jetpack, and then when attacked by a jedi does nothing to prevent his death. And when questioned about attempting the assignation of padme his armor is in plain sight then when hes accused he tells his kid in a different language to close the door in front of obi wan that's watching the whole thing.

I guess this actually crosses off the no disrespect statement. lol

The whole reason Jango used his partner Zam (the Clawdite shape-shifter) was because of her species' natural ability to become as anonymous as she wanted and it wouldn't be linked back to him. Unfortunately she screwed up and got nabbed by Obi-Wan and the walking human disaster that is Anakin Skywalker. When he's in the gladiator ring, he becomes overconfident simply because he's killed Jedi Knights and a Dark Jedi in the past. So why couldn't he handle a Padawan, a Knight, and a Senator? That was stupid of him. But the whole incident with Obi-Wan on Kamino can simply be attributed to the fact that Jango had no idea that Kenobi would be there and it was a slip-up on his part.

I'm not gonna deny it jango can hold up against jedi I didn't deny that, as for the fight on kamino I was only stating from someone's earlier post claiming jango won against obi wan; that while jango was actually attempting to kill him, obi wan was only defending and attempting to capture jango. As for the zam thing changing her appearance is why I liked her character but it was just another process. Atleast she could have used her amazingly long sniper to take out padme while she was sleeping. And again while the jedi were chasing zam he could of easily done the same strategy. And for the arena he didn't jump into the ring until after the rest of the jedi showed up. Now if you referr back to the battle when the jedi were tricked into attacking madalorians back in the old republic jango did fight in the battle that led to the massecre of the madalorians but it wasn't just him it was hundreds to thousands of mandalorians. So my confusion is if he barely survived that war with other madalorians what makes him think he the only mandalorian would survive against all the jedi. As for not being aware of obi wan arriving that makes sense, but he could have found a better way talk his way through it because having boba hide the armor that obi wan is already aware of is a red flag. Or he could have been prepared most normal criminals know to lay low and hide the evidence. Obviously he was unwary a jedi would show up but still be prepared.

I agree with all of what is said here. The only thing that I need to add is that firing a sniper rifle in the Senatorial District of Coruscant would be like firing a flare gun into the sky letting people know where you are and what's going on. Sure, Coruscant by nature is loud and populated by billions and billions of people, but that doesn't mean that a blaster firing won't draw attention. Beyond that, ever since the bombing of Padme's ship, the guards posted to her apartment were more than doubled. That means a lot of blasters, and more than enough eyes to have noticed where the assassin fired from. The whole "kill her with bugs" idea makes sense if you don't wanna draw attention to assassinating a Senator. It would have worked too if it weren't for the Jedi stationed there. (I'm sorry if I sound like I'm trying to argue a point or something, I'm just trying to contribute to this conversation lol)

Nah man I get you, lol I love jango and han and I know it sounds like I'm arguing but it's more like a heated nerds debate lol but with the amount of flaws jango had I just can't see him winning. Sure jango has the tools but from what I'm seen/ read he doesn't use his gear like the best bounty hunter in the galaxey should. He seems to...clumsy, not as clumsy as jar jar obviously. And I know han is very lucky but he's also got the skillz.
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Jango Fett vs Han Solo - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jango Fett vs Han Solo   Jango Fett vs Han Solo - Page 2 EmptyTue Mar 28, 2017 2:06 am

I think Jango would win, he has armor and more gear, he could put out more firepower as well as take more and after all he mandalorian plus he was cloned for his skills and how good he was.

Jango Fett vs Han Solo - Page 2 Captur10
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Jango Fett vs Han Solo

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