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 Idea for a Quest Mod

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Idea for a Quest Mod Empty
PostSubject: Idea for a Quest Mod   Idea for a Quest Mod EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 11:02 pm

So i'm gonna go ahead and preface this by saying I have no real expertise in modding but I do think i have a couple of good ideas. However i'm writing this in hopes that someone can pick the idea up and do something with it, so without further ado this is the story of the mod.

After the sole survivor has done everything that there is to do and has lured himself into a false sense of comfort he will approached in his settlement by a little boy asking for him to look at a man in a big metal suit, upon helping the boy he see's that the man is not only wearing xo1 but is actually identified by an enclave insignia on his chest. peeling the man out of his armor you notice his demise was recent and you find that he has a letter with orders to investigate a possible threat to their plan's that is located at sanctuary hill's in a letter signed only by an E. The letter makes mention of a secondary outpost which you go and investigate but are captured when entering the base, and brought to a primary base where you are confronted by some crazy high tech shit and the remnants of the enclave (who seem to not just be surviving but even making institute level technological strides) and upon reaching the main part of the facility you are greeted by a man who claims to be the descendant of President Eden himself who says he is the new president of the USA. You are then offered a choice: help the enclave rebuild themselves to their former glory in exchange for guaranteed safety, or die. should choose not to help them then you are tasked with escaping the facility and making several unlikely alliances in order to bring down the enclave once and for all. Should you choose to aid the enclave you are given full access to their tech and tasked with infiltrating old war military installation going back to the capitol wasteland and finding old tech of the enclave and more until eventually eliminating all opposition of the enclave. (other than your allies of course.)

Like I said I have no modding expertise and only write this in hopes that someone who does will see the idea and do something with it.
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Idea for a Quest Mod

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