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June 2018

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 Blackout ENB

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PostSubject: Blackout ENB   Fri Oct 16, 2015 11:10 pm

So, I recently installed Blackout, and honestly it is a fantastic ENB. I am looking for suggestions, mod wise, to use to get the most aesthetically pleasing Blackout ENB setup. I really appreciate any feedback!

Also, on Blackout's ENB page, it says that with ENB Series 0.173, it can be used with AA, but all I get is transparency on the in-game terrain. Am I doing something wrong, or was I misinformed?
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PostSubject: Re: Blackout ENB   Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:38 am

For the transparency issue, use ENB v.278 and for visual setups, depending on your rig I would install:
1. NMC's Texture Pack
2. OJO BUENO 4k Textures(Overwrite NMC)
3. MG's Neat Clutter Textures(Overwrite OJO BUENO)
4. Neglected Clutter Retex (Overwrite MG's)
5. Mojave Sandy Desert(Dry version, overwrite others)
*Any other mods you would like, the choice is up to you*
You will need a fairly powerful rig to run these mods, so proceed with caution.

Have fun! Thumbs Up
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PostSubject: Re: Blackout ENB   Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:55 pm

@DaltonMangum Btw, try turning off the steam overlay in Fallout New Vegas, that should fix the transparency issue. There might be another fix on the nexus too.

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PostSubject: Re: Blackout ENB   

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Blackout ENB

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