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January 2022


 The Dead Brother

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PostSubject: The Dead Brother   The Dead Brother EmptySun Oct 11, 2015 3:08 pm

Mother with your nine sons and one daughter,the precious and beloved daughter,she was 12 years old and she hadnt saw the sun,she was bathing in the dark,she was changing clothes with the moon,she was dancing with the stars...
Grooms came from Babylon to take Faith far to the wilds,the eight brothers dont want but Constantine insists:<<Mother,lets give Faith to the wilds where i go,so im not a stranger when i go there...>>

-You are good Constantine,but your not thinking straight,what if death happens,son,what if the earth is scorched,son,who will come to bring her to me?
-May the sky be my critic and the Saints my Martyrs,if anything happens,ill bring her to you....

And so Faith was married in the wilds,anda year passed and death came to harvest,and all the brothers died and the mother was left alone like a tree in a swamp.In all the gravestones she cried,in all the churches she praised and in Constantine's grave she cursed:<<Damn you,Constantine!And damn me a thousand times,i let you take Faith in the wilds,now how will you bring her to me?The sky was your critic and the saints your martyrs!

And so the ground shaked from the curse and Constantine rose,we took the moon for his horse and the clouds for saddle and went to the wilds to take Faith.He waved from afar and shouted:<<Faith!Lest Go to your mother!>>
-Whats going on brother?If its a celebration let me put my dress and if its mourning let me put my balck robes...
-Come Home sister even with your bed dress...

And so they took the road home,in the path they were passing they saw birds,but these birds didnt sing or caw,but the speaked human language:
-Who saw a beautiful girl being with a dead man?
-Constantine,what are they talking about?
-They are birds even if they talk...
And so they continued and met more...:
-Its a shame,such a beautiful girl to be with a man under the ground...
-Constantine,what are they talking about?What person walks with the dead?
-Its April and they like to do tricks...
-Im afraid brother,and you smell different...
-Blame the priest for that...he used too much incence...
And foward they went and didnt escape...:
-Its a miracle and a curse!A living with a walking corpse!
-What are they talking about?My Constantine?
-Dont listen to them!
-Tell me,wheres your beauty and your stance?Wheres your hair and your moustache?
-Im sick,thats all...
And so they arived,and Faith found the garden naked and the trees dead,the house locked and the windows closed...
She knocks the door and the windows crack:
-If you are a friend come in,if you are an enemy leave,and if you are the charon,i dont have any kids left,and Faith is out in the wilds...
-Who is the one who calls me mother?
-Its me Faith mother,open up!
And they hugged and met death together...
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The Dead Brother

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