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 The Force Awakens rumors.

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The Force Awakens rumors. Empty
PostSubject: The Force Awakens rumors.   The Force Awakens rumors. EmptyMon Jun 08, 2015 7:34 am

Some may have heard these but for others interested in what to expect from the new film, here are some little bullet points.
Just in case any of these happen to become true, ***POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNINGS***

The new characters (Luke, Han, and Leah types)
Finn: Some popular rumors are spreading that Finn is in fact a soldier of the New Order (Galactic Empire) who may be force sensitive and sought after by Kylo Ren. Which is why it appears that he is on the run. We can assume he ends up on the new planet Jakku, where he crosses paths with Rey and they decide to work together to escape the New Order. In some early leaked concept art, it shows Finn wearing a Han Solo-styled jacket of a sort that happens to have a belt clip where lightsabers can hang from (indicating that he may be summoned by Luke Skywalker to learn the force and eventually wields one).

Rey: At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, actress Daisy Ridley stated that her character Rey is a scavenger living in the old bone yards of what appears to be a Starship graveyard on the desert planet Jakku. It seems that we may be introduced to her via her daily routines and eventually being run into by Finn who she may feel obligated to help escape the wrath of The New Order, and eventually get caught up into something she could have never expected. Interesting enough, from the second teaser trailer, during the monologue by Luke, when he is mentioning that his sister has it, it appears that two sets of female hands are shown passing one lightsaber to another maybe indicating that Rey is also force sensitive, and maybe even has some sort of relationship with the veterans Luke/Leah and could possibly be aiding them in exile. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy stated that she was very excited about introducing more new strong and powerful female heroes, so it is quite likely that we could be getting our first glimpse at a female jedi.

Poe Dameron: All of our first pictures and reveals of Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron character safely assume that he is a new crackshot pilot working for the Resistance (New Rebellion). He is shown piloting the unforgettable X-Wing with a slightly modified Rebel helmet and flightsuit. At Celebration Anaheim 2015, Oscar Isaac did confirm that he was sent by a certain princess (presumably Leah) to track down Rey (Who could possible be her daughter), and also ends up getting tangled in the mess that seemed to be started by Finn on the run. So all in all, we can assume this film will be highly reminiscent of A New Hope, as to where all of the new characters get tied together by fate and end up having to work together if they want to save the Galaxy.  

Kylo Ren: Unquestionably the most interesting new character out of the bunch (Due to him being somewhat of a Sith/Inquisitor), Kylo Ren's appearance and demeanor seems to demand attention. His newly fabricated lightsaber which now includes a crossguard and even his cloak and mask that seem to highly resemble designs off of Darth Revan from the EU. A recent synopsis leak rumor describes Kylo as "a ruthless prince that rises to power who threatens galactic peace". Which many people found head scratching at the possible sith being referred to as a prince. Could he be the sister of Rey and the child of Han Solo and Leah Organa? From the first trailer, after the lightsabers activation, makes us believe that Kylo could be searching for sith artifacts, including Darth Vader's burnt out helmet and mask, to learn the ways of the dark side. Oddly enough, the plasma blade of his lightsaber seems to be a different look to what we usually are familiar with (cylinder type round blade). Instead, it appears to be quite longer and have a more electrical appearance, maybe assuming that he tried to make his own amateur lightsaber which doesnt exactly function the same as other ones. And maybe points to the fact that he will upgrade his crafted saber over time to perfection.

Unknown New Characters: There are an abundance of new characters added to the film/saga that are yet to be identified or seen. After some reveals from Disney we do however know the names of some other characters:

Captain Phasma: The Chrome Stormtrooper with the cape that can be seen in the teasers played by Gwendoline Christie.

Supreme Leader Snoke: An unknown figure who appears to be motion captured due to the iconic actor Andy Serkis being known for such roles. Could he be of alien origin or maybe a disfigured sith?

Maz Kanata: Played by Lupita Nyong'o also in motion capture which seems to be described as a "space pirate" sort of character whose allegiances are unknown. Presumbly an alien character as well.

Interesting enough, there are two other very well-known actors they are keeping under the radar. Max von Sydow's character has not yet been revlead, name or image. It is possible he could he of a higher sith figure or a higher grand moff type of figure who has major control over The New Order. And last but not least, the most intriguing role not yet announced played by Domhnall Gleeson. Many rumors are trying to say that he is the son of Luke Skywalker, which is why we have seen nothing about him: no images, names, concept arts, or even interviews from the actor himself.

Anyways I hope you all find this information to be interesting and hope to see you all on December 18th to fully understand why the force is awakening again this Christmas!
The Force Awakens rumors. Cast10
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The Force Awakens rumors.

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