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June 2018

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 My Mod Idea

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PostSubject: My Mod Idea    Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:21 pm

Recently I thought of idea for a Fallout New Vegas mod. I am simply going to refer to it as Freeside: Gang Wars. The idea behind this mod is to make it so that if you're tired of only seeing the Kings and freeside thugs that you can download a mod mod that not only adds 3 new gangs but also adds armors, unique weapons and full quest line with branching stories and many choices to make. I am going to explain the base things I have thought of for the mod NOTE: This is literally a bare bones concept I have thought of for a mod. If you want to actually want to make a mod like this, I would be more than glad to be a voice actor and writer but I do not have any experience making mods
When do the events of the mod occur?: The events of the mod I think would occur after the Battle of Hoover Dam but could only be possible through the Courier's Vegas ending or maybe even the NCR ending
The Freeside Mob: It may not fit in with the setting of Nevada but it does kind of fit in with the Freeside feel. These guys are a group of men replicating the Italian Mafia after their leader found many books and holotapes around the time of the Battle of Hover Dam. This man eventually dubs himself "The Godfather" and starts to recruit people from Freeside including ex-Kings. Their goal is to bring down all the other gangs and gain control over Freeside. They would do this primarily be assassinations and also sabotaging the operations of the other gangs. These guys will also have NCR funding secretly. This funding is to help the Freeside Mob take down the other gangs but in the quest line I'm writing, the NCR will then crack down on the mob and seize control of Freeside. They will introduce a variety of new weapons and clothing that I am yet to think about.

The Pushers: This gang is really and underground gang that reveals it's existence after the Battle of Hoover Dam. These guys are the ones who supply Dixon as he is a member. They have many dealers around Freeside and have eyes and ears everywhere. In this quest line you help them set up a deal with the Great Khans (if you chose to spare them) and expand their drug operations into all of Freeside and once this goal is achieved you will help them get the weapons and gear to launch and all out gang war against the Kings, Freeside Moba and the Night Watchers.

NightWatcher: These are the armed vigilantes of Freeside. They are inspired by the actions of heroic men and women and their contributions i.e The Vault Dweller (FO3) and his/her father. These guys actually managed to intercept at least 20 shipments of weapons and armor from the Gun Runners, all of which were experimental and superior to even NCR armaments. You will help them distribute food and water to the poor much like the NCR did but this time with A LOT of armed opposition and also partake in numerous drug busts.

I still have to ponder a little on the weapons and armor that will be in the mod. Please leave your feedback and suggestions and let's make this a brainstorming session Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My Mod Idea    Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:32 pm

I like the concept of a gang war in freeside, its different
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PostSubject: Re: My Mod Idea    Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:10 pm

I dont like the dependencies idea personally, and playing after the hoover damn battle with other mods that allow it has always caused problems with my game. I like the idea of "the god father" maybe being some sort of rival to the both are trying to replicate old world culture and etc. I feel to make it feel more believable though you would almost have to introduce the kings into the mix's not like they would just sit by while gags warred on their turf.

The concept is pretty cool though. Maybe create a little armor mash up for the "night watcher" faction where they have makeshift vault suits or something trying to emulate the vault dweller. lol. Just an idea. Also I feel like the mob's back story may be more mob like if instead of being funded by ncr, they were funded from extorting local business for "protection." Maybe story lines where they threaten something bad might happen at mick n ralphs/atomic wrangler/silver rush if they werent paid or something. Just spit balling.

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PostSubject: Re: My Mod Idea    Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:42 pm

Really cool concept! Freeside turf wars, oh man. Show up in my tunnel snakes jacket with Krieg and Riddick and just wreck the town.
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PostSubject: Re: My Mod Idea    

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My Mod Idea

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