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January 2022


 Warthog: The Angel of Death

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Warthog: The Angel of Death  Empty
PostSubject: Warthog: The Angel of Death    Warthog: The Angel of Death  EmptyMon Apr 27, 2015 5:34 am

For those of you who are familiar with my writings than you know what kind of story you're in for, but for some of you this may be your first time reading one of pieces. To that I say welcome and thank you for showing interest in my work. I'm Matt I write military stories that are apparently "Too accurate to be Real". Anyway I hope you enjoy this next piece and wait with heavy anticipation for the next one I decide to write. Leave any questions and comments at the end and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

A-10 Warthog:

Afghanistan, Bagram Air Base 2008
      "Let's go! Let's go! Get those Hogs in the air!" Two pilots in full gear came running out of the mess hall. "Nightmares 2-1 and 2-2 scramble, scramble, scramble. We have troops in contact, repeat we have TIC." someone announced over the loud speakers. "Hurry up Hawkins!" shouted the female pilot. The two pilots boarded their air crafts, two A-10 Warthogs, mean looking tank killers with a shark's mouth painted right where the GAU-8 had it's barrels sticking out. "This is Nightmare 2-1 ready for take off." said Jaimeson. "This is 2-2 ready for take off." said Hawkins. "2-1 you're clear for runway 2. 2-2 you're clear for runway 4. Good hunting." The two air craft throttled their engines and slowly began to lift off the pavement. "2-1 is airborne, climbing to Angles 2-2." "2-2 is at your five o'clock 2-1 just 200 meters off your tail."

       Miles to the West in Helmand Province, a platoon from Echo Company 2/7 Marines have come under heavy contact in a village just 12 miles south of FOB Jackson. "Garza! Get the fuck down!" shouted First Sergeant Miller.
"I got contacts to the West! 282!" one of the 240 gunners shouted. The sounds of AKs with 240s and M16s answering back filled the small desolate village. "Any station! Any Station! This is Cold Steel 2 under heavy contact break! Multiple contacts to our West break! Requesting support how copy!" the J-TAC Tech Sergeant Hamilton ducked down behind a low wall as bullets whizzed past his head. "Hey LT! I'm not getting shit on the radio!" A young 1st Lieutenant jump down from the roof top of one of the huts and snagged the handset from Hamilton. "All stations this net this is Cold Steel 2-6, my platoon is under heavy fire break, we have two wounded and one KIA break, any station receiving over." He tossed down the handset and brought up his M-4 and popped off a few rounds. Suddenly the radio chirped alive.

       "Cold Steel 2-6 this is Nightmare 2-1, flight of two A-10s in bound from the East at Angles 1-8 how copy?" Gunfire and explosions could be heard over the radio. "This is 2-6 receiving, Jesus you're a god send over!" Jaimeson chuckled a little. "Just tell us where to put it 2-6 over." "Roger 2-1, target is a small compound to the East bearing 282 about 600 meters from my position break, will mark with orange smoke over." Jaimeson began her decent to Angels 1-5 (15000 meters above ground level) with Hawkins 150 meters behind her. "Roger 2-6, Nightmares 2-1 and 2-2 in bound for gun run." Back on the ground the marines began to breathe a sign of relief, as the A-10s were coming in for a gun run. "1st Sergeant!" "Yeah LT!" "Get some smoke on that target!" The 1st Sergeant nodded and patted a lance corporal to follow him as they went onto a roof top to get better eyes on the target. Both Marines loaded a smoke round into their 203 grenade launchers and with a thump like sound both rounds flew true and on target. "Target marked LT!" The 1st Lieutenant grabbed the handset once more. "Nightmare, Nightmare, Target is marked, you're cleared hot." "Roger 2-6, ToT thirty seconds."

        Both Jamison and Hawkins began to slowly decelerate as they lined they're sights on the compound filled with orange smoke. With a squeeze of the trigger the GAU-8 spun and unleashed a burst of some 80 rounds in just three seconds followed by two more bursts. She pops off four flares signaling she's waving off just as Hawkins began his gun run. Down below the Marines erupted in cheers and whistles as some 500 30mm incendiary rounds impacted against the target. "Woo! Get some!" shouted one lance corporal. "2-6 this is 2-1, requesting BDA over." "2-1, 2-6 great fucking guns. Good effect on target break. Requesting a medevac for my wounded over." "Roger 2-6 will relay to Camp Bastion over." "Thanks for the support 2-1, 2-6 out." Jamison and Hawkins chuckled over their personal channel. "God it never gets old huh Amy." Jaimeson chuckled some. "No it sure doesn't." She switch channels on her radio. "Bastion this is Nightmare 2-1, requesting Medevac for wounded at Cold Steel 2-6's position how copy." "This is Bastion roger, Guardian 1-1 is inbound now, ETA four mikes over." "Roger Bastion, Nightmares will remain on station till Guardian's arrival out." The two A-10s flew around 2-6's AO for awhile, making sure Guardian's LZ was clear of contact.

        "This is Guardian 1-1 now entering the AO over." said the Black Hawk's pilot. "Roger 1-1, 2-6 this is 2-1 we're coming off station and heading back to Bagram over." "Roger 2-1, Bravo Zulu out here guys, happy hunting 2-6 out." The two A-10s began to climb back to Angles 2-0 just when a voice cracked over the aviation net. "Any Aviation call sign this is Saber 3-2 how copy."  This came as a surprise, the pilots had no idea there was an SAS team operating in this area. "Saber 3-2 this is Nightmare 2-1 at Angles 1-7 just south of FOB Jackson over." "Nightmare 2-1 we have a priority target lazed and ready for tasking break, suspected Taliban weapon cache bearing 032 just four clicks to your North East over." Jaimeson looked at Hawkins from her cockpit, he gave her a thumbs up letting her know he was ready for another run. "Roger 3-2, Nightmare is inbound ETA two mikes out." The pilots turned their planes North East and began their approach.

        "3-2, 2-1 in bound for gun and rocket run, ToT ten seconds." Using her computer she saw the building being marked by the SAS SOFLAM. "Target in-sight, starting my run." First she decelerated and squeezed off a few bursts of the GAU-8 and followed up with six Hydra rockets. She pulled the stick towards her and pulled out of her dive as Hawkins followed her path and began his run. Soon as he finished he pulled up as well. "3-2 this is 2-1 requesting BDA." "Bravo Zulu Nightmares, good effect on target. There's nothing left but a crater over." Jaimeson began climbing up to Angles 2-0 with Hawkins trailing her. "Roger that 3-2, Nightmare 2-1 and 2-2 are off station and heading back to the barn over." "Solid copy 2-1, thanks for your support, 3-2 out." Jaimeson flicked the radio to another frequency. "Bagram this is Nightmare 2-1 over." "Reading you Lima Charlie 2-1 send traffic over." "Bagram, Nightmares have executed mission plus an additional mission break, show two Hogs returning home over." "Outstanding 2-1, glad to hear your safe over." "Roger that Bagram, ETA ten mikes, Nightmare 2-1 out."

That was a rather short one yes, but I'll be honest that's usually how long an A-10 mission would last. If I kep going it would get rather repetitive. Anyway please leave any questions you may have an I'll get back to you when I can. Stay tuned for the next short story as we'll take a look into the lives of some of the greatest men and women to grace the Air Force with their presence. Next we'll delve into the lives of the PJs, the Pararescue Teams.

Other works listed below:

Marine Short Story:

SFOD-D Short Story:

Warthog: The Angel of Death  Hkq9sUe
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Warthog: The Angel of Death

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