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January 2022


 A Special Forces Short-Story

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PostSubject: A Special Forces Short-Story   A Special Forces Short-Story EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 5:49 pm

Hey guys Matticus here, I know I've been silent for a while. Life has that effect on people haha. Anyway below is a story I wrote for your viewing pleasure. Think of it as a look into something I'm currently working on for the near future. I have shelved the Paratrooper story I was writing for the moment simply cause I'm at an impasse, meaning I'm stuck haha. Don't worry once I get everything together I'll post the next chapter. For this story I did post a few pictures so you have an idea as to what our characters and their kit look like so please enjoy, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Misfit Team:

MK18(Top) & M110(Bottom) :


"Overlord, Misfit. Inbound to target building, ETA eight mikes, how copy over." It's the dead of night in the tribal areas of Pakistan. After several months of engaging in covert operations against the ISIS threat in Pakistan, Misfit, a team of SFOD-D Operators has managed to track down a major cache of weapons and munitions that could be used against Coalition and NATO forces in the region. Through several raids and detainee interrogations, the location has been pinpointed to a compound deep in the tribal areas. "Good copy Misfit, Wildfire is on station for tasking. Our CIA assets are getting a cold reading on the compound. Could be empty or maybe their blocking our FLIR, either way we have no way of knowing what's in there over." Misfit had parachuted into the area around midnight, they had a 4 click hike ahead of them over some hills and a few poppy fields but now were a mere eight minutes away from their objective. "Solid copy Overlord, Misfit out." The team leader signaled with his hand to keep pressing forward.

 Misfit was a eight man team, a four man assault team, a two man sniper team and two men from OGA (Other Government Agency). OGA had sent in two men to gather any intel they may find at the target location. With this intel hopefully they would be able to pinpoint any other targets in the region that could be taken out. Since it was a bit of a hike to the target area the team packed light, MK18s, a M110 sniper rifle and light assault kits. The area itself was pretty isolated, it didn't have any other buildings aside from this small compound. It had eight foot high mud walls that surrounded the area in a square shape with three buildings inside. Two were small squares that weren't in frequent use aside from when the occupants wake up and head to bed. The big rectangle building though was very frequently used, it looked big enough to hold at least six to eight rooms. It would be a bitch to have to clear that out.

 "Alright Misfit hold it here, Donny, Hicks on me." One of the Delta operators who was carrying the M110 and a OGA Agent came to the Team Leader and knelt beside him. Donny softly whistled as he saw the compound. "That's a big bitch. Hard to believe imagery missed this." The team leader chuckled. "Satellites can't see everything, that's why we're here." The three men observed the compound through their night vision goggles. Hicks pointed to the wall facing south. "Looks like the only door is there on the south side, unless you feel like going loud and blowing a hole on the west wall." "We could try to scale it boss." Team Lead let out a frustrated sigh. "It's never easy with these guys huh. Donny keep overwatch here. Warn me if we have any unexpected visitors, plus if anyone gets curious while we're clearing the buildings fuck their day up." The sniper nodded and went back to his spotter. "Hicks grab Davis, you two are going internal with us." "Roger that."

  The Team Leader activated his radio. "Alright guys here's the skinny, Blue Team is gonna hold here and provide overwatch while Red Team hits the compound and searches for any intel or weapons." Several of the men acknowledged with a single click of the radio. While Donny and his spotter began setting up his shooting position, Red Team began their approach to the compound. They decided to move to the west wall and scale onto the roof of one of the smaller square buildings. "Overlord, Misfit. Have entered the compound and are now starting search time now, out." The team had split up, OGA would hold the courtyard while the rest of Red Team split up and cleared the two smaller buildings. Team Lead and another operator named Cabot stacked on the door. Cabot nodded, almost immediately Team Lead kicked down the door. In a instant the two men entered the building, Cabot going right Lead going left. "Clear, door left." The two men stacked once more. Lead gave the door knob a turn to check if it was locked. "Opening." He pushed the door open and moved quickly into the room and cleared the right side followed by Cabot clearing left.

  "Clear." The building was empty, no occupants, no weapons nothing. "We're clear over here too boss, didn't find shit. Moving to the main building." "Roger that, heading to you." Cabot took point as they exited the building. The two other operators, Mills and  Deacon, had already stacked on the door. "Cabot would you do the honors?" He nodded and placed a charge on the metal door. "Three... Two... One... Execute." There was a spark and a loud pop, the door flew open. "Go, go, go." Deacon entered first, he suddenly fired four shots into the right side of the room. Lead came in behind him and cleared left, he moved to the corridor leading to the rest of the building. "Two down, right side clear." "Left's clear, got a hallway. No doors." Slowly the team began moving down the hallway, as they cleared the corners and entered the next room, A man appeared out of a hidden door from the floor wielding an AK, almost immediately he was brought down by two rounds to the head from Mill's MK18. "Boss, got a  spider hole." Lead walked over and shined his Tac-Light down in it. "Well shit, no wonder FLIR wasn't picking anything up. Cabot get the OGA guys in here and search this place, Mills, Deacon on me." He jumped into the hole.

  The tunnel was well lit, several lights were strung along the wall almost like a rope leading to the exit. "We've got light in here boys, NODs off." Mills and Deacon flipped up their NVGs and turned on their Tac-Lights. "On your six boss." The men slowly moved down the tunnel, it was big enough to stand up and walk and wide enough for three men to stand next to each other without their elbows touching. "Jesus, how long did it take to build this." "Who knows D, just be glad it isn't set to bip itself." Lead held up a hand signaling them to halt. "Got a door here." The three men stacked on the door way. Mills gave a squeeze on Lead's shoulder, he kicked the door in while Deacon threw in a flash bang. Right as it popped Lead entered the room and was stunned to see the contents. "Holy shit...." Crates, crates and crates stacked four feet high. AK103s, RPGs, DsHKs, Dragunovs, several boxes of ammo, anti tank mines grenades and several boxes labeled Semtex. "Welcome to the Insurgent section of Cabela's." chuckles Mills. "D check those red barrels." Deacon walked over to several red barrels and popped one of their lids. He reached in and pulled out a hand of this fine white powder substance. "Whoa... PETN boss. This is some high speed shit."

 Hick's voice chirped over the radio. "Hey Banning, you there?." "Go ahead Hick's." "We found a room with several filing cabinets of folders and a couple hard dives of data. I'm seeing some scary shit here man. We got maps of Paris, Amsterdam, London, Washington DC, Moscow. Mostly Metro maps for subways and airports. Whatever these guys were planning it was pretty fucking big." "Copy that, we just stumbled onto a stockpile of weapons and ordinance, also found compounds for bomb making mostly PETN. We're gonna rig it to blow, grab what you can and regroup on Blue Team. Donny you guys copy?" "Roger that we've got you covered." Mills, Deacon and Banning began placing C4 charges on the crates. "I don't think we have enough boss." "Crack open some of those Semtex crates and pile it on, I want this shit gone."

 The team regrouped outside at the hill where Blue Team had set up overwatch. "Overlord, Misfit. Requesting extract break, found large cache of weapons and ordinance and have rigged to blow break, OGA found some solid intel you might want to look at over." "Roger that Misfit, Gold Digger 2-3 is inbound. ETA five mikes over." "Roger Misfit copies all out. Y'all ready for some fireworks?" The team started chuckling and nodded. "Stand by." Banning held the detonator. "Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole." With a click the main building was turned into a crater. The fireball created a cloud that engulfed the area in smoke. "Fuck me man, that was pretty." "Don't let your wife hear you say that." Everyone chuckled as Mills slapped Cabot on the shoulder. "Alright, I take it we're all in favor of getting the fuck out of here?" "Don't have to ask me twice sir." As what remained of the compound of started to burn Misfit melted back into the night. Their work isn't done, they'll raid more buildings and secure more targets. For their ain't no rest for the wicked.

A Special Forces Short-Story Hkq9sUe
Development Team: Story Writer/ Director / PR Representative
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A Special Forces Short-Story

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