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January 2022


 game idea and book story concept summary

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game idea and book story concept summary Empty
PostSubject: game idea and book story concept summary   game idea and book story concept summary EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 12:22 pm

ok so we all know what modern war games are america vs russia china or something like that but like most i find it boring america always being the good guys its boring and in real life america performed so many acts of crimes towards humanity its just as bad as russia which is why i came up with this idea for a game (a real time strategy game where u pick a country anf follow a general during the main war) and also my next book (smae thing but 5 differant soldiers from 4 diff country's) so heres the short version

part 1 prologue

the year 2020 america ends all war in middle east and moves on to helping south Africa fight against warlords and terrorist. 2023 china russia and japan forms new red star alliance and helps free north africa from terrorist and warlords. 2024 north Koreas new leader reforms the country's army and policy's and rebuilds north Korea.2025 south and north korea finally unites under new communist government and join the red star alliance. 2026 america bombs a suspected terroist camp but it was a Chinese refugee  camp. 2027 WAR china and japan invades south africa in response to the attack mean while south america (mexico,brasil and many other country's) is hit by huge storm with millions dead and america is asked to help but refuses. 2030 africa war ends.

part 2 south america mysteriously gets support

2031 spain italy and portugal and greece unite under the Arcadian alliance. 2032 south america revives help and rearmed military support from unknown source. 2034 south america unites under the chimeran alliance. 2035 France and briten join arcadian alliance and japan devolps the A.N.M net ending any chance of nuclear war by dis arming nukes when launched. 2036 america canada greenland norway swedan and finland unite under candonian alliance and middle east, india and egypt form the new united middle eastern peace corps and the middls east is war free.

part 3 new war

2040 red star alliance declears its self as a new world power and brings america to trial for war crimes in iraq and during the Vietnam war and sanctions a 30 billion doller payment. 2041 Venezuela is the 1st south american super power and america is mad about the payments it has to pay. 2042 america stops paying. 2043 a us ship attacks an unknown ship without cause. 2044 chimeran alliance declares war on candonian alliance while middle east and redstar alliance satys out of it 2045 africa unites and attacks the redstar to prove thier power and arcadian alliance joins the chimeran alliance.

ok so this is all i got for now so what do you all think for this idea for a game and my book which will have more detail and the game would take place in various moments and events and the book would be following differant genrals from differant points of veiw
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game idea and book story concept summary

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