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 [LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS

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[LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS Empty
PostSubject: [LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS   [LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS EmptyFri Nov 14, 2014 1:01 am

Hey I've been trying to do this for awhile since me and my cousins were making a custom kingdoms on hero machine I decided we needed a story and I'd really appreciate if you guys could read it and give feedback. Without further Ado; Blood and Emerald  


In a planet inside Jupiter’s rings there were races of  people.  There were five kingdom’s on the mainland, Alkebulan home of house Crazan. Located in the north where there is almost always snow on the ground but strangely the sun always shining. Shining with materials Ebony and Emerald. A tropical land Hashan home of the Adian. It was a very navy dependent land. It had the materials Steel and Gold.
The Yerk Desert home of House Ludolph's. A vast desert timing with anything from Lions-dragons. Home of Sapphire. The Marsh Land’s home of the house Oluwaseun. A swampy land only suitable by the people who lived there, the Oluwaseun were the first men to settle on the continent. Home the material Steel. Last but not least the plains of Azerath home of House Ceadda. Plain’s of lush green grass surrounded by mountains it is home to Ruby. These lands have had their fair share of conflict. But now their darkest days are here.

Chapter 1:
A Drunk, A Wife, Two Kings, A Peace Treaty

A drunken man leaves his wife inside the Hashian tavern. He is tanned light brown with an orange tint.His helmet falls onto the watery muddy ground, revealing three braids equal spaced from each other on the top of of the head. The man stumbled forward and rolls over on to his back he has the mark of a Crazan the family crest on the breast of his armor. A guard kick’s his head. His warmaiden wife come out. He tries to strike him with her warhammer. the guard’s too fast, he grab’s the middle hilt takes it throws it to the left and take’s a knife and slit her throat. The blood splattered on to the drunken husband’s face. He screams “NO!” .The wife fall’s as she’s choking on blood she whispers or at least what she could say “I love you” to her husband the mud around her body turned red. The husband grab’s the guards leg then his dagger, crouched over him and puts right into the guard’s neck. The warm crimson liquid spur’s onto his cold fingers he doesn't mind. The husband was Jafar Crazan second born of Idris the 2nd, Jafar the royal steward of Alkebulan. His wife the warmaiden Lady Azriel youngest of Lord Thorin Athens. Jafar quickly back to his feet grab’s the lifeless body of his wife and the guard’s too scared of the mourning hot headed runt of a Crazan to do anything just let him walk out the village Ledge Grande on the outskirts of Hashan. He gently put his wife’s corpse inside their carriage and rides off . Under his breath he curses “I will slaughter every last one of them”

Across the continent in Alkebulan a peace treaty about be signed between the two house’s. The Adian king Ra’Zuhl had a pointed nose a crooked bridge with hazel eye’s a masculine build with blonde curly hair and broad shoulders customary with a fresh scar on his right cheek. His wizard servant Ser Ludger tell’s him of Jafar’s incident and Jafars curse. Ra’Zuhl was a very religious and superstitious one. He lifted the peace treaty off the table and tore it in half. Idris the Third was a bit darker then Jafar a stocky man with a clean shaved head and grizzly beard with a scar on his chest and right eyebrow. He slams his fist on the table and shouts in anger “I cannot control my brother’s action’s, you imbecile!”.

“How am I suppose to trust a brother of a half wit runt of a traitor” Idris back hand’s Ra’Zuhl.

“He may not be the smartest in our family but he's still my brother YOU SON OF A WHORE!” Idris shout’s only interrupted by the collision of Ra’Zuhl’s clenched fist.

Ra’Zuhl whispers to Idris “I should have your head but it’s been too long since a good war.” He walks to the door the Alkebulanese guards step in front of it.

“Let the coward leave” Idris utters from his bloodied lip.

Chapter 2:
Prince Ishmael, Monarch Egon, Malik Shahid, Jarl Codda

3 days later; Ishmael Crazan, a flat nose with prominent nostrils. Smooth orangish skin a bit lighter then Jafars, nappy hair a goatee that point’s sharply at the side of his lips, light green eyes, a strong jawline, with a fit build but still not very big. He is very young and merely a man at the age of 18. He chuckles “It was merely a joke Shahid” He puts his pipe back in his mouth. Shahid was now looking Ishmael dead in the eye, Shahid’s bronze skin was turning red. “ Okay, okay no more cracks at your bride to be” Shahid’s starts to calm down a bit. They hear a horn, it was the Hashanise raiding horn. They had been at a small Hashan village’s tavern. Ishmael grabbed his scimitar, Shahid his bastard sword, Codda his spear, Egon his battleaxe. They rushed outside, the muddy ground mushed beneath their feet as the downpour of rain came upon them.

“Drop your weapons Ishmael and others and we will make you’re deaths swift.” Seiko was a renown general known for his battle skills and wit. He may have commanded Ishmael to do so but he knew no such thing would happen. Seiko's mouth opened as if to say something, but Yusuf’s arrow was the only thing that came out.

“A mercenary really Ishmael?” Shahid asked. Shahid took Ishmaels silence as a yes and the group charged forward. Bashing, stabbing, slashing and cutting. ONly thing louder then the screams was sword on shield.

“Whatever gets it done and I’ve known him for a little over a year we can trust them.” Ishmael replied. Yusuf jumping down onto the ground from the roof of a villagers hut. Ishmael and him shook hands and hugged.

“Nice to be of some assistance friend” Yusuf told Ishmael

“Of course but I think our biggest problem is figuring out why in hell the Adain soldiers wanted us dead in the first place, I was told a peace treaty was being signed”

“Well, let us take to the road to Alkebulan” Codda told them, Codda the youngest was never meekest. They all gathered their things onto carriage or onto the packs on their horses, Egon never liked carriages “For the sloths” he said Egon valued hard work above all as any Yerkish man would. They hurried towards Alkebulan. On the 8th day They stopped by a small stream the water cold and the wind more so, they had arrived. They made it to the city's gate within 2 hours. The gate quickly opened to the young prince and his friends.

Chapter 3: The Iron fist of Ra’Zuhl

Ra’Zuhl was sitting upon his golden throne contemplating. “Hello friend” He hadn’t notice but his friend Haytham had approached.

“Haytham! It tis a pleasant surprise that you have come” Ra’Zuhl

“Well word is you’ve gone and mucked up the peace treaty”

“Don’t listen to the gossip of profligates, it twas the 2nd born Jafar that has ruined the treaty. But let me tell you this is not to be a war on land but sea it is our greatest strength.”

“Aye I am not here to discuss strategy but moral, m’lord how is one guard going to make a difference, you’re going to be killing thousands maybe millions in a war”

“If you think I’d let a man kill one of my men and get away with it, especially a man of the opposing side then you are sadly mistaken”

“Please just think about what it is you’re doing m’lord”

“Enough speaking we will discuss politics at tonight's feast, I grow weary be off with you”

Haytham walked out of the throne room. But just outside the palace Haytham was speaking to a man in robes black as sin he donned a hood, It was the Lord Of Whispers. No one in all the known world knew his true name, some say he has none. His story is an epic but one filled with sorrow at that. They say he is 100’s of years old. Back in the time before Liberation he was a poor slave. He would pray to the god’s every night for his freedom. But it was to every god, this angered the one known as Azerath the Goddess of Loyalty. She decided since he had no loyalty to one god she would give him what he wanted, freedom not just from masters but from god’s judgements and men’s. He became invisible to the naked eye for years no one had seen him, but stories of missing food sprung up. But the Lord of Whispers is a determined one. He mastered how to communicate by putting all focus on it. That is how he is heard but how he is seen is by simply laying his robes upon himself. That is why no lord could ever catch him you could draft no wanted poster with no face.

“Maybe I am making a mistake” Ra’Zuhl was whispering to himself. HE quickly ran to exterior of the palace only to find the Lord Of Whispers walking away and Haytham standing there watching him go. He was smarter then to go after the Lord but he could easily crush the tall, lean Haytham. He unsheathed his sword and drove it into the backside of his knee. He covered his mouth so no peasants or nobles walking by would hear “All crime’s are unforgivable” HE whispered to him under the mans muffled screams. “Guards! Guards!this man is criminal! Take him to the dungeon and prepare the noose he shall be dead by sunset” Two hours had passed the execution stand firmly set in the town center in between the spiraling red brick buildings. Ra’Zuhl walked up onto it, Haytham standing frightened and sweating had a noose around his neck. “The man you see before you today is a criminal, a spy” The crowd yelling, booing throwing filth at the man “And is to be treated as such, we must we remember all crime is unforgivable even the ones from within our own kin” Ra’Zuhl was a convincing man. “LEVER!” The executioner activated the lever with one good pull. The square of wood underneath Haytham vanished and he fell from where he stood. The sound of his neck breaking echoed through the town. “Now back to our daily duties”

Chapter 4: Kin
“Brothers! I know you bastards can hear me!” Ishmael called to the window of The Green Keep

“Keep shouting and I’ll cut your tongue out” Idris. He walked out the front door and gave Ishmael a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

“Is Jafar inside?” Ishmael questioned

“Ahh, yes we need to have a discussion the three of us” Idris replied. They walked into the hold.

“Hello, I have some explaining to do” Jafar proclaimed from the top of the staircase.

“Indeed” Replied Idris. With Ishmael very confused they walked into the great hall a place so wonderful to be proclaimed blessed by the divines by many where endless fest were held the Tankards of Ale were bottomless. They sat at one of the smaller tables. “Jafar, [sighs] tell Ishmael what has happened” They exchanged looks. Jafar sighed

“It was about 6 nights ago when it happened, we were both drunk and we got in fight with a guard he killed my wife I killed him it’s very simple. I can not believe anyone would go to war over one guard”

“It sounds like he has reason for what he did Idris” Ishmael said

“Well we have a war on our hands and this may sound mad but we need to destroy Adain once and for all, we have had our alliances with them and our rivalries but this needs to stop now” Idris proclaimed

“I agree” Ishmael and Jafar said almost in sync.

“Well if you don’t mind I am going to go visit around town” Ishmael said a little too soon. They peered out the window and noticed the warning flames coming from the watchtowers, the watchtower stretched across the border Emerald Covenant (Alkebulan, Yerk Desert, Azerath Plains), The Marshlands and Adain. “We most make hast” Ishmael cried as they all rushed out the door to their mount’s.

Chapter 5: Crimson Tainted Snow

[LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS JlVOH0o
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[LONG] My story "Blood and Emerald" [LONG] WORK IN PROGESS

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