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January 2022


 Share your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Books and Comics here!

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Ol' John

Ol' John

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Share your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Books and Comics here! Empty
PostSubject: Share your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Books and Comics here!   Share your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Books and Comics here! EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 5:44 pm

One of the main reasons I like Fallout so much is that it contains one of my most beloved genres, Post Apoc, which they creatively mix with a futuristic 50s. I think the lots of you guys like it too so I'll be sharing books and comics that really makes us think about how it is like living in a wasteland. Post your favorites as well!!

Category: Web-comic

Romantically Apocalyptic Click
One of the most visually beautiful web-comics I've ever laid eyes on. It focus on four main characters living in an ultra post-apocalyptic scenario and do not use survivor skills or extreme dexterity in weapon's handling like your main stream nuclear story but madness, insanity and laughter. Romantically Apocalyptic brings fun to the wasteland, where three guys, mr. Snippy, Pilot and the Engineer struggle with the commands of the devilish, supreme sexy commander Zee Captein, which for all I know could be a little girl. It is 10/10 fun and the more the story evolves, the more random it gets, a must for those seeking visual exuberance with mount python comedy.
If you are not into English, there are several translations for you to pick. Wink

Gone with the Blastwave Click
Another randomness in an post nuke warfare where many groups struggle to kill each other, the thing is they are not that good at it strategically and skill-wise, with clever puns and wicked philosophies. Lots of fun to have, beautifully drawn as well.

Category: Comic/Graphic Novel

Judge Dredd

Don't be fooled with the movies they "adapted" from Dredd (even though I liked the latest) because they didn't portray 1% of the density of this comic. Aside from his ridiculous outfit, the author John Wagner did an outstanding job showing a society rebuilding itself from scratch after a nuclear war, where all our perspective of justice had to be torn apart when there is no USA left, only Mega Cities where hundreds of millions had to be put together inside huge concrete walls to shield them from radiation, a city swarmed with gangs and crimes and mutants, with only one group to keep the law, the Judges. Mega City one is probably the worst, good thing they have the best, Judge Dredd, the most famous judge in the wastes. Fan service aside, I like the comics because they show what could happen if society's fallen apart, how primitive we would become, how rights, freedom and other thing we take for granted would lost its value in a violent environment, I recommend the reading.

Akira Click

The graphic novel who made me get a hard on for motorcycles and is by far the best post apoc story I've ever seen. In the aftermath of World War III, the futuristic metropolis of Neo-Tokyo is thrown into civil war when the runt of a teenage motorcycle gang develops godlike psychic powers and sets out to reveal the secrets of the universe, all while his former best friend tries to stop his reign of terror.  A strong statement on the place of the teenager in modern society, Akira uses "transhumanism" as a metaphor for adolescence, with healthy doses of cyberpunk and body horror thrown in for good measure. Why is Akira the best? Well, it has everything you could want from this genre all in one package, and the quality never suffers for the quantity. While the manga has staggering depth and breadth, the truncated anime adaptation still has an epic scale. A Hollywood adaptation has wallowed in development hell for years.
While the movie is an original adaptation, they tried to put 6 volumes inside one motion picture, which kinda made the movie very complicated to understand.
Bike *.*:

That's it folks! I'll be posting more if people find it interesting, I know most of you guys know this comics, but for the ones who don't, you'll have a good time.
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Share your favorite Post-Apocalyptic Books and Comics here!

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