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August 2022
August 2022


 Howdy, All

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Posts : 3
Join date : 2021-11-24
Age : 28
Location : NYC

Howdy, All Empty
PostSubject: Howdy, All   Howdy, All EmptyWed Nov 24, 2021 10:31 pm

I'm a student from NYC. Punk who can't show off his battle jacket due to political imagery (Dead Kennedys patches, none of that Bonehead shit). Play too much FNV, but I love adding mods to the game that freshen the landscape up.

Not likely to post, unless it's a bug report. In which case I will give incredibly detailed information.

Anyway, figured I should introduce myself as a lurker. Looking forward to breaking my game again!
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Location : in the forests of the night

Character sheet
Name: DeViAted
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Level: 55

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PostSubject: Re: Howdy, All   Howdy, All EmptyFri Nov 26, 2021 6:05 am

Welcome to the Gaming Underground Network, @mr_rippe !  cheers

We hope you find lots of opportunities to be an active member, such as discussing your favorite games,
posting and giving feedback to content such as mods, videos, screenshots, fan-art, fan-fic, etc.
and finding a cool crew to hang out with while gaming!
But if bug reporting and mod feedback is your thing, that's also incredibly constructive and welcomed!

Best regards  Hello Hats Off

The Winds of Change Rules - F.A.Q. GUN Insider Interview
Howdy, All DVAted
Click here for official GUNetwork Facebook page and submit your best Screenshots!
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Howdy, All

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