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Fallout Miami: Mika999
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 Hello Everyone

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2021-05-16

Hello Everyone Empty
PostSubject: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone EmptySun May 16, 2021 9:45 pm

My name is Jacob, and I generally post as Toirty on everything. Doesn't really matter what y'all decide to call me if anyone sees this original post and happens to remember (unlikely for most everyone I'm sure lol)

I've played through Fallout NV probably 8 or 10 times (laughable to a lot of you I'm sure lol), and constantly find myself comparing pretty much all the other fallouts to the "feel" of the gameplay and atmosphere of it, even all these years later. Probably not the best way to enjoy the newer installments and their new features (because I definitely don't always like them), but to me it just speaks to the quality of this super rushed piece of art  Hello Everyone 1f602

This is actually my first time modding the game, however. I've always played through on console since I had computers only sporadically there for a while. Even after finally building one, I had a hard time getting into computer games just because I really needed to get some practice in to get used to how the controls handle. Saw Fallout NV Ultimate for super cheap on Steam and figured that would be a great game to practice on since I know it so well (compared to other games I've played, not compared to you guys haha). I was running into a lot of crashes and finally lost it when the infinite loading screens were hitting me. About 0.5 seconds of Google revealed some enlightening information about the nature of the game and it's engine, and the utility mods needed to fix it.

It also led me to Nexus Mods and down the infinite rabbit mod hole. Seriously, I've been on this save for close to 3 weeks, and I've spent the last 3 days doing nothing but researching what mods I want to bring the graphics into the last decade (someday someone will write an AI to convert this game from it's engine to an updated one and redo all the graphics right????). That and adding maybe a bit more presence in general to that empty wasteland.

Overall, I'm fairly excited about the site in general after reading through the rules. I have no idea the last time I read a full set of rules, but these kind of drew me in somehow? Like a breath of fresh air in terms of a place of don't be a dick, and enjoy a bit of freedom. Anyway, that being said, I hope that I remain active on here so that I can really explore everything to be offered. That being said, I do have a bad habit of falling off in forum activity rather quickly, so we'll see! It is nice that you can get promoted again after a demotion, and not just straight up deleted or something though.

Which is good, because if any of you are like me you probably constantly find yourselves coming back to this game. I tend kind of go back and forth between forgetting about NV for several months at a time as new games come out, and then end up playing it obsessively for a few months or so at a time.

Anyway, there's a bit about me and who I am as a gamer, as long-winded as possible. It's probably the longest post I'll ever make. I don't post a ton, and I'm sure if I make it to Colonia that I'll get demoted as I put the game down occasionally, but I'll always be back!


P.S. Had a bit of trouble getting my post to go through, so I really hope I didn't get multiple uploaded here. Sorry in advance if that happened.
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Age : 27
Location : Germany

Character sheet

Hello Everyone Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone EmptyMon May 17, 2021 9:38 am

Hello there Jacob, always nice to see a new face around here, even though the site has really slowed down recently with the rise of discord.

I think that's the longest introduction post i've ever read on the forum lol!

Hello Everyone Image-1
Hello Everyone Image-3
Hello Everyone Image-2
Hello Everyone Image
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Posts : 270
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Age : 22
Location : Dębno,Poland

Character sheet
Name: Jacob
Faction: NCR
Level: 43

Hello Everyone Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone EmptyTue May 18, 2021 8:15 pm

Hello there Jacob i have same name like you you will be feel here very good
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2021-05-16

Hello Everyone Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone EmptyTue May 18, 2021 11:57 pm

Haha, well it's a record I'm not likely to hold in any other thread. I've always found it fairly difficult to navigate forums which is why I tend to fall off Hello Everyone 1f605

That's a good name you've got there! haha

I was a little overwhelmed initially, but I've been kind of messing with navigating the site and I'm about to try to dive into some other players' mod lists, and look at the mod download list I think I remember seeing last night.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello Everyone   Hello Everyone Empty

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Hello Everyone

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