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 What's Up Guys!

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What's Up Guys! Empty
PostSubject: What's Up Guys!   What's Up Guys! EmptySat Feb 27, 2021 10:05 pm

Hey everyone! New to Gunetwork as of today. I was convinced Nexus was, well, the nexus of Fallout New Vegas modding, but oh boy was I wrong. The amount of unique, awesome, and revolutionary mods here and the talented modders who make them are pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to FNV modding. Dragbody's work alone showcases this. I started playing FNV on Xbox, and fell in love with it, despite the problems brought on by rushed development. I figured that if I loved it on Xbox I would have to give it a try on PC, where I could mod it into oblivion, and I have been looking to expand on this wonderul game's gameplay, atmosphere, setting and story with mods ever since. Also, this community has to be one of the most accepting, kind, and helpful on the internet! It seems everyone on here feels the same way about mods and gaming and work together to maximize the joy gained from it. Folks can discuss topics with passion and, most importantly, friendliness, which is rare in today's day and age, and something I very much appreciate. Although it is just day one of my time here in this community, I feel like I am gonna love it here!
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What's Up Guys!

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