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January 2022


 Hello, hello. Just want to introduce myself

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Hello, hello. Just want to introduce myself Empty
PostSubject: Hello, hello. Just want to introduce myself   Hello, hello. Just want to introduce myself EmptyFri Jun 12, 2020 6:48 am

Hello everybody. I am new here and want to introduce myself. I heard about this forum a good while back when I first started trying to mod my Fallout 4. I am not sure how or why I got this impression, but I thought it was a private forum that you either had to be invited to, or was for mod makers only or something along those lines. Thusly, I never really looked into it.

But just recently I found mention of Dragbody's Ultimate NCR Overhaul on a youtube video, with a link to it. I was excited to see that thing. It looked fantastic. I was already a fan of Dragbody's stuff that I had found on the Nexus, but this new NCR overhaul And then I saw some of his other stuff in the public Fallout area. I LOVED it! I also saw mention here of Willhaven, which I had heard about before. I am assuming that that one is either not finished or is not yet available to me. I hope to check that out some day.

All of that being said, I am not just here for downloading awesome mods. I have been growing increasingly interested in dipping my toe into modding for a couple of years. I have never tried it, but I have a few verrrry simple, low key things I want to learn how to do. For example, changing the colors of outfits or even pieces of clothing within an outfit. I would like to learn how to create mashups. Change an outfit by making it sleeveless, or somehow creating a short sleeve (i.e. rolled up sleeves) version of an existing outfit. And who knows what I might decide I want to do after I've been learning for a while.

However, I am a complete and utter beginner. I don't know how to do anything yet, except edit some very basic stuff in xedit. But for now, I wanted to properly introduce myself and say hi. Thanks for reading!
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Hello, hello. Just want to introduce myself

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