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July 2020


 Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie

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Judge Redd

Judge Redd

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Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie Empty
PostSubject: Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie   Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie EmptyWed Jan 15, 2020 2:07 pm

Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie 9f26f815

Salutations Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of you who tick the Other box.

Today I wanted to talk about a movie that I misjudged before even watching it, a flaw that I will admit I have. I often tend to judge a movie by its trailer, poster, or even its background alone. However this movie, like a few others I will talk of in the future, proved me wrong with how excellent the whole thing came together. With the boom of Killer Clowns in Horror movies over the past decade (as well as creepy clowns outside of the silver screen), I chalked this movie up to being another cash grab trying to make a buck off of the popularity of the trope. However, I found that this was anything but the case when I sat down to watch Damien Leone's 2016 movie Terrifier. Lets have a look.

Plot: Its late on Halloween night, when two friends on the way back from a party suddenly find themselves in a game of life and death, as they are stalked by the sadistic and murderous Art the Clown.

What this Movie does right: This movie was funded via crowdfunding,but honestly bar one or two shots in the scene you cant tell that this wasnt done with a large studio backing. The director/writer/special fx artist Damien Leone really gives us a bloody and gory ride to remember with this movie. The blood and gore effects are spectacular for a movie like this, people are brutally killed in horrific ways making it something of a joy to watch Art do his work.
Speaking of which the best part of this movie is Art the Clown. Rather than go down the usual manic laughing and loud clown, Art is more akin to a mime than anything else. Which adds to his overall creep factor, as even when he is struck he makes no sound at all. He acts out his pain, he acts out his frustration but he never ever makes a sound. This makes arts intentions never clear to the viewer and adds a layer of concern as to what he will do next. Because Art is so unpredictable, we can never truly know what his next move will be and that adds to the fun of watching him preform. Because he looks like he is taking such joy in all he does as he mimes out his intent and actions.

What the Movie does wrong: The main issue that this film follows is that there is no plot for this movie outside of Killer clown stalks and murders people. Art has no character which is a bonus in some ways, as it adds to his character being more of an unstoppable force than human. Besides that there really is no other side plots to make us like or identify with the characters (bar the mystery of who the survivor will be).
Another thing that I felt was a little half done was the make up of the survivor we see at the start of the movie. At first it looks unsettling, but the more you look at it the more you know its just make. It just doesnt hold up to the effects of the rest of the movie.

Performances: As I have already stated, David Howard Thornton does an amazing Job as Art, portraying the character as playful, childish, and sadistic. Everything that Art does embodies some kind of joy, from riding a small tricycle to cutting a victim in have down the middle, which makes the character absolutely a joy and horror to watch.

Personal Verdict: I really enjoyed this movie, and found the character of Art fascinating. Its got some great Practical effects, fun kills, and a lot of tense moments. Honestly I found myself very entertained (and grossed out at times) with how much graphic content is in this movie. It honestly feels like it was made during the height of the Slasher craze in the 80s. Its a wonderful weird and bloody ride that leaves you asking more questions by the end, but that is minor compared to the experience of watching Art.

Overall Score: 7/10

While not perfect, the movie is saved by its great villains acting, and its impressive bloody special effects. Its a movie that offers you a more quiet and controlled killer clown, whose goals and intent all remain a mystery outside of killing his victims. This is not a movie you should watch with your family or girlfriend (Unless your into extreme bloody violence).
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Tribal Raven

Tribal Raven

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Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie Empty
PostSubject: Re: Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie   Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie EmptyWed Jan 15, 2020 7:06 pm

A very spooky movie. I've seen the Kill count video on youtube and have got to say, the kills are really good for this kind of low budget flick.

I'm glad to hear David Thornton saved the film because of the scenes I've seen, the rest of the cast had very little acting talents Thumbs Up

When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light...
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Terrifier (2018) - A better Class of Killer Clown Movie

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