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April 2020


 The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie

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Judge Redd

Judge Redd

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The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Empty
PostSubject: The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie    The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  EmptyFri Nov 22, 2019 6:46 pm

The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  9f26f815

Hey there kids!
Today I am just so pleased to bring you this movie. A throwback to b-movies, an old hanna barbara show and the importance of family!....Okay if you are still reading this after that corny introduction I can get to the good stuff. This movie does involve all of the above things, but also throws in a lot of blood, guts, and killer Animatronics. Something to keep us all satisfied until the Five Nights at Freddys movie is made by Blumhouse (Yes apparently its happening). So without further delay, here is Danishka Esterhazy's entertaining but odd mashup of horror and nostalgia, 2019s "The Banana Splits Movie".

Plot:Huge Banana Splits Fan Harley, gets the greatest birthday present he could ask for when he gets tickets for his entire family and one friend to see the Banana Splits TV show live. What was supposed to be a fun filled birthday for Harley, his family and his friend Zoe, soon takes a dark grim turn as the body count begins to quickly rise. Who will survive as the Animatronics start their murderous rampage? Can Harley and his family survive?

What this movie does right:
If you are like me, then you had no idea what the Banana splits were before this movie came out. If your not like me and somehow knew about the Original Banana Splits, then good for you. However what this movie does differently compared to its source material is that its a horror film, instead of a kids friendly show. Now what this movie does right, is that it uses a lot of practical effects rather than CGI for the blood and guts, which really does make all the difference. It also has a very FNAF feel to it, with the Animatronics going on a rampage, killing all those around the studio they can.
The animatronics are in fact very childish at times, even when committing violent acts like murder they showcase  level of showmen ship seen by kids entertainment (And example is when one burns a man alive, he is seen dancing as the man screams in pain.). Adding to this, is the fact that the Splits are not played by stunt men but dancers instead, while all the splits are voiced by the same guy. The childish actions only add to the creepy unreadability of the animatronics, resulting in an uncertainty of their next move and what they are planning.
Additionally, we get to see the final show before the rampage, which is a lot of fun to watch knowing what just happened backstage. It plays out like a kids show, with loud cheers, audience participation, and musical numbers. It one of those rare moments when we are drawn out of a movie's genre just to enjoy it, before being reminded that this isnt that kind of movie.

What this movie does Wrong: Honestly, this movie suffers in two ways throughout its run time.
1. You have to embrace the idea of this movie and forgive its shortcomings when they present themselves.
This is something that you have to do first off, or otherwise your not going to enjoy this film at all. There is flaws here and there which can be jarring, but if you go in accepting that this is a movie about Crazy children entertaining animatronics, than you will enjoy it. It may be a lot to ask for some people to do, but it is kind of neccessary.
2. The Splits, despite being supposed robots, are clearly played by people. Their suits and movements are clearly dont by people and not electronics. While not exactly an offputting aspect, as none actually expects a full fledged animatronic for a horror film, it does become very obvious as the movie moves on.

Honestly the biggest drawback I thought I was going to have about this movie was the fact that there were a going to be child actors. Anyone who has seen a good child performance, knows that there are about 10 other performances that fall under the annoying or just awful category. However, the children in this are surprisingly good when they want to be. Some of them are meant to be trusting and childlike, while others are cynical and want to be treated as adults. It comes off as very natural, but also not as annoying as some of the child actors you see these days. This could also be a result of some of the kids not getting as much screen time as the other actors in this movie. Regardless I was pleasantly surprised.

Personal Verdict:When I first heard about this I was hesitant, as I thought that it was a pretty tall order to make something this silly looking a convincing horror film. However I was pleasantly surprised at just how much fun I had during this. The movie has problems now and again with pacing but overall its an enjoyable romp which takes on the popularity of FNAF and adds in a lot of blood and gore. There is not an overly large amount of new material to work with in this movie, but if you want something thats fun, entertaining and isnt taking itself seriously I'd recommend this movie. While it falls short here and there to common movie cliches, it still trys something different with a product that was originally directed towards children.

Overall Score:

The movie is a lot of fun, with some silly moments that honestly have you cheering a lot more for the killer animatronics than that of their victims. Its a fun little movie that may not be for everyone, but cant be demonized for trying something reasonably new with a product that many of the new generation were not aware of.
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The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie    The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  EmptySat Nov 23, 2019 9:25 am

I seen a add for this movie on Face Book and was really intrigued by it. I am so happy you did a review of this film and reading what you wrote I will defiantly give this move a chance. At first I was put off by it looking like a Five Nights rip off, but looks like it will be a fun movie to see.

The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Robbie10
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The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie    The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  EmptySat Nov 23, 2019 11:27 am

Haven't seen this movie yet but looks intriguing and if i'm being honest I think if handled right a FNAF movie would be great.

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The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie    The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie  Empty

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The Banana Splits (2019) - A Taste of a FNAF Movie

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