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February 2020


 The Tale of Lilly and Krag

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The Tale of Lilly and Krag Empty
PostSubject: The Tale of Lilly and Krag   The Tale of Lilly and Krag EmptyTue Apr 09, 2019 2:24 am

The Tale of Lilly and Krag

Credits to u/heatdeath89 for the history.

Krag Super Mutant. Krag was captain in army, long time ago, until Master die. Army split up. Krag take other mutants and go east. Krag strong, kill many hoomans.

We find many hoomans in small carts with moo beasts. Few guns, many pointy sticks. No bucketheads, easy to kill. Kill all but one.

One tiny hooman left. Tiny hooman on the ground, making sad noises. Other mutants arguing. Want to eat tiny hooman but not enough hooman for all mutant.

Krag listen to sad noises. Tiny hooman look at Krag eyes. Krag feel something different. Not usual feels of rage and confused. Krag not understand...

Krag tell other super mutants no eat tiny hooman. Other mutants no like this. Try to grab tiny hooman, eat anyway. Krag strong. Krag crush other mutants face with hammer. Krag take tiny hooman.

Tiny hooman name Lilly. Lilly teach Krag many thing. A, B, Ds. Please and Thank You. Krag can say Please go away now. When no go away, Krag can say Thank You for meat and bones. Krag make fun wrestling with big horned lizard. Kill many mutants and many hoomans try to take Lilly. Krag not let them. Krag strong, with big hammer. Lilly sing to Krag, make bad feelings go away.

Lilly talk about home. Place carts going. Back to Cal-ee-forn-ee, where Master was. Have other hoomans there waiting. Far place, many nights walking to go. Is bad place for Krag. Many hoomans no like mutants. Bucketheads will shoot Krag. Is okay. Krag live long time, very tired. Lilly give Krag purpose instead of anger and confuse. Is okay. Krag take Lilly home.

The Tale of Lilly and Krag Thumbn10

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PostSubject: Re: The Tale of Lilly and Krag   The Tale of Lilly and Krag EmptyTue Apr 09, 2019 3:16 am

Bravo! Nice short and good humor. Lilly is often a name associated with taming the beast. Nicely done.
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The Tale of Lilly and Krag

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