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November 2019


 Hello everyone

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Hello everyone  Empty
PostSubject: Hello everyone    Hello everyone  EmptySat Jan 05, 2019 4:19 pm

My name is OpTiCBallarm( I know it's kinda cringe just insert the spongebob meme here haha)
I started playing fallout new Vegas on the 360 a long time ago maybe a year after the game came out. At first I didn't really now the impact your Cha had on the world your implications and just generally how to play effectively but after I figured that out I began to absolutely love new Vegas. It quickly became my favorite game and still is to this day. I loved the rich and deep lore and story behind the fallout series as well as new Vegas in particular. After watching numerous videos on YouTube about modding I decided that I had to do it. This was probably 6 plus years ago btw. Anyways I got a computer as bad as it was but played around with a few really good mods on new Vegas nothing crazy as my system couldn't handle it. Unfortunately that computer broke and I was stuck with console games and no mods until fallout 4. Now currently I am planning to buy a really good laptop soon that should have no problems running any game I want and after fallout 76s disappointment I want to go back to new Vegas and have a fully overhauled mod setup. Through research into different mods I heard about the the gun community and was really interested in joining a community full of other modders and here I am. Can't wait for the future
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Hello everyone

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