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December 2019


 Hello there everyone !

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Hello there everyone ! Empty
PostSubject: Hello there everyone !   Hello there everyone ! EmptySat 8 Dec 2018 - 16:35

Hello there folks !

My name is Adam i'am from Poland and i'am 30 yo... There is alot things i enjoy in life ^^ like ASG, all kinds or RC models... i love heavy military and construction machinery TongueTril I love to tinkering alot Smile i like to eat well, sleep well and hit the gym hard Very Happy and i enjoy alot of good gaming with my friends... As for my profession i'am Butcher, Accountant, Car Mechanic, Renovation worker and self proclaimed Pro-Gamer(JK) closed eyes smile srsly don't ask about that strange profession combo closed eyes smile alot people ask about it Very Happy I was here alot on this forum on my previous account but it got delated i think or i forgot the log and pass Smile This account was created some time ago but lack of time in my life is anoying sometimes Smile

Still i hope ill gonna stay here for good this time and can't wait to know more about this fine comunity Smile best regards.

PS. My english isn't perfect so bare with me there... And for the emotes sry for overflow with them but its a stupid habbit of my....

I see what you did t
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Hello there everyone ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello there everyone !   Hello there everyone ! EmptySat 8 Dec 2018 - 23:19

@KobalT - welcome back (?) to GUN. Your English is fine. Just join in and post once in awhile to a variety of topics and I believe your account will stay as you left it. I'm sure an 'Accountant Butcher' who can twist spanners and wrenches will have some interesting things to add to the site. Enjoy!
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Hello there everyone !

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