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October 2021


 Help fixing my rash problems with SA?

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Help fixing my rash problems with SA? Empty
PostSubject: Help fixing my rash problems with SA?   Help fixing my rash problems with SA? EmptyFri Oct 05, 2018 10:50 pm

I'm having issues with SA. I reinstalled it and got a few mods. Most were just weapon/vehicle skin mods along with a mod to make CJ into Tommy from VC. Also got a few cleo mods like cheatmenu, visual car spawner, and a mod to make people swim at beaches. These seem pretty lightweight.

Anyways, I first downgraded the steam version to the version that accepts these mods. I'm not crashing on startup. My version isn't the issue as the mods do show up and work for the most part.

The first issues I got were with CheatMenu. Sometimes it would work and the menu would pop up allowing me to choosing a few things, but sometimes it would just freeze then crash. After I did the first mission, it started CTDing whenever I tried to open it. So I uninstalled the cheatmenu because it was giving me problems. I then went to the bar down the street to get the pool cue weapon. When I killed the guy with the pool cue, the game CTD'd. I went back to kill him again and it CTD'd when he died. I went back later and tried again, but it CTD'd before the first punch even connected.

To compensate for the lack of cheatmenu, I got a weaponspawn menu so I could get weapons easier. That one works fine and hasn't given me issues.

I also got a mod to disable dual wielding and give you normal firing animations for guns like the pistol and smgs. That worked at first too. The guns shot like they were supposed to, but when I emptied a clip of the pistol, it froze and crashed. When I booted it back up, I fired a few shots and then it CTD'd again. When I tried a third time, it CTD'd before the first shot could be fired.

All these crashes seem to get progressively worse and worse the more they happen regardless of saving or not. It's driving me crazy trying to fix this because I don't even know how. Can someone help me find out how to fix these?

Edit: I started a new file to see if that would help. No problems until I saved the game. Now the same crashes are back so I think saves are screwing it up. Anyone know how I can fix this?
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Help fixing my rash problems with SA?

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