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September 2018

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 The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.

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PostSubject: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:11 am

Hey there! Boy-oh-boy, it's been a while since I last posted a topic here. And well, today it's an unpopular opinion that I felt like going over.

#Starwarssaved, we've all seen it. And it's easy to get behind right? The Clone Wars was a fantastic show cut short in it's prime, before, one could only fantasize about what the next season held in store.
Well, now we've got our light at the end of the tunnel, right?

...I'm not so sure.

Call it disney programming making me skeptical of all things with the star wars branding, but I'm a little nervous about this whole endeavor. And I hope to share my reasons here, maybe someone can explain where I'm goin' wrong, or maybe I'll hit a note some folks hadn't thought of before. But here goes.

1: Filoni wasn't what made the Clone Wars so epic. I'll tell ya pretty frankly, It was Lucas, Lucas's oversight and his children who directly responsible for writing a good few of the best episodes. Some people have a bad feelin' about the guy, but honestly as a die-hard star wars fan, I loved and continue to love the prequels. Sure they have some truly cringe-inducing moments and largely horrible dialogue... But the story that covered it all? That was something I could and can continue to get behind. Palpatine's rise to power, Anakin's corruption, the Hubris of the Jedi, etc, etc...
And well, It's all Lucas, who was largely responsible for the clone wars.
Now, this next part of this point might get under the skin of a few of you, but I really, really couldn't get into Rebels. It turned me off to a huge degree. And I believe quite firmly that this was down to Lucas not being involved with the show. There's no other way to explain Filoni starting off on such a horrible note after six seasons of great content and practice. The only explanation is that they lost their guiding hand.

2. The Clone Wars was it's best when it was threatened with cancellation. To be quite honest, The Clone Wars was always on thin ice as it continued. Viewership would decrease as children turned off to the whole premise of the show. There were several times that the show faced potential cancellation and it's been cited a few times that the team behind the show took this as their motivation to go out with a bang, push the envelope and all that.
With a safely secured new season and perhaps more to come? Well, you get Rebels, which started off comfortably and horribly and only got into calmer waters when it was nearing it's end.

3. There've been changes to the original cancelled season's plans. Now, as many of you might know, there were several episodes of the clone wars in production when it was cancelled in 2014. What makes me nervous though... Is that apparently someone's been meddling with the storyboards of these episodes, shown clearly with the weird headdress on Ahsoka in the siege of mandalore arc shown at the end of the trailer. In the original sketches, that wasn't there - And it makes me wonder what else has been changed to either validate later content like rebels or fit the new Star wars style.

4. It's a clear and shameless attempt at saving face with the Star wars fandom. Well hey! A great many folks would consider this a good thing, but I'm not entirely sure. I think that I think the same way... But something feels off about pulling this card to appeal to the scorned fanbase. I worry there'll be some sort of commentary on the whole 'Episode eight' debaucle or somesuch.


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PostSubject: Re: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:28 pm

Good insight, yeah, after everything Disney has done, and as much as I want the new season to be awesome, its probably gonna be watered down crap that panders to their new age progressive views..... one thing i liked about the show, is that even though it was meant for kids, towards the end it got really, really ,dark showing the brutality of the war these poor clones, who were one step above slaves in a sense forced to fight for a government and galaxy that in the end used them and casted them away like used toilet paper, the tragedy behind it all is what made me enjoy the clones and their story more than all the other stories . I remember when it was canceled in 2014 I was so pissed, at least we got to have rex back in rebels but it still didn't feel the same... sigh* not to mention all the other clone intros we missed out on like "the bad batch" with that john Rambo looking guy, and a cyborg Echo, who was undoubtedly one of my fav characters behind Fives, and Rex.
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PostSubject: Re: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:22 pm

Most of the scripts are going to be from before it was canned, you can even see rough animatics of some of the episodes we're getting. Aside from that, Lucas wasn't the only creator, he worked closely with Filoni and the writers but wasn't the only one there. How much of Rebels have you seen, because the first half of season 1 isn't that great but it got incredibly good.

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PostSubject: Re: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:39 pm

@IIHawkerII I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've been a fan of the originals, the prequels and The Clone Wars for a long time, I think they're brilliant. The return of The Clone Wars only has me concerned since that Not-really-A-Star-War-Film that came out in 2017 from that incompetent director showed that Disney doesn't care about making the work George Lucas created over 40 years good. I presume they're panicking because Solo flopped and could damage the grossing of Episode 9. They're bringing back The Clone Wars to fix this divided community but it's too late.

The new Clone Wars could really be good so I will watch it.

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PostSubject: Re: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:20 am

Maybe you're right. But as for me, The Clone Wars is the best time of the Star Wars Universe history (even counting the legends). I actually like all that is connected with clones, and this serial was really good for me. So when it's over, i was sad, even started from the beginning. And when i've seen the new promo for the 7th season it was like new life is coming. Yes, maybe it will be the last season, maybe it will be not so good (actually I hope it will be better then Rebels because... just because nothing can be worse then Rebels XD), but it's the STORY! The story of the Clone Wars. Old heroes, good old times of great war and finishing of unfinished stories. May the Force be with you all. The 212th is forever)

yeah well here on GUNetwork, we make mods, not war... sometimes the mods are about war, but you know what I mean (c) @ DVAted
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PostSubject: Re: The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.   

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The Clone Wars S7: Why it might not be saved.

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