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February 2020


 "Game cannot detect your GPU"

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"Game cannot detect your GPU" Empty
PostSubject: "Game cannot detect your GPU"   "Game cannot detect your GPU" EmptyWed Jul 25, 2018 2:48 pm

I made a topic here a while ago, and nobody could help me out with it. I'm not gonna bother with the details, here is the link if you want to know more
I looked further into the issue, and it appears the reason for is that the game sets the settings to the absolute minimum when it cannot detect your GPU. This happens in BOTH fallout 4 and new vegas, I assume this is just a hardcoded failsafe that all bethesda games use.

Well, this more or less makes my games unplayable. Even NV, which ran as smooth as butter, is now lagging in areas that it shouldn't, and objects STILL do not load in. I only noticed it in paradise falls, because I have a mod that adds a giant burger man that you can see for miles(Very cool, I will link it here in case anyone wants it:
Now, I can see the burger man disappear right in front of my eyes, if I move out of town slightly(If I zoom in, I can see the NPCs on top, the snipers and what not, but they just float in mid air, the burger man does not re-appear until I get basically right by Grouse)

Now, I use GTX 750 Ti, a GPU that can more than handle both games, and it did, up until my PC mysteriously crashed 2 times. Now, both games cannot detect my GPU, even tho all my other games work just fine. Messing with INI settings does not work, again, the game over rides them at start

Unfortunetely, I noticed that this is a very common issue with my GPU model, most complaints come from fellow 750 ti owners. Even worse still, the only solutions I Found were to either roll back drivers(Doesn't work) or re-install windows.

Let that sink in for you: Fallout literally broke for me, it might not work on this windows ever again. People joke about bethesda games being held by spit and glue, but this is ridiculous

And before somebody says that my pc can't handle the games, let me remind you: Both my games worked fine. I got almost 200 hours on fallout 4, god knows how many on my TTW game, I think somewhere around 800, all worked fine until now

Anyways, I'm grasping at straws here, I might start up a virtual machine and see if anything changes, but if not, that might be it for my fallout playing days. Just wondering if anyone else had a similar situation here, would appreciate the help

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"Game cannot detect your GPU" Empty
PostSubject: Re: "Game cannot detect your GPU"   "Game cannot detect your GPU" EmptySat Oct 20, 2018 11:20 pm

if is a steam game
1º Validate the cache of the game
2º install all the directx and visual basic that there is in the folder of the game,
the name of folder is commonredist
3º install in clean the last drivers of nvidia use ddu tu unistall driver, if these fail install an earlier version
4º start the game as administrator, if everything fails go to main folder drop d3d9.dll an copy it in exes
1 copy in main folder and 1 in exes folder (try in both games)

If you have pirate ,first o all delete al refence of ini try this program to find all,them install fallout and go to main folder drop d3d9.dll an copy it in exes,only not need enb

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"Game cannot detect your GPU"

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