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FNV Phantom damage over time effect 963578843666749.3281.984305707
July 2019


 FNV Phantom damage over time effect

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FNV Phantom damage over time effect Empty
PostSubject: FNV Phantom damage over time effect   FNV Phantom damage over time effect EmptyTue Jul 03, 2018 2:22 pm

I'm experiencing this strange bug that is making my character lose "hit points" on their chest over time. There seem to be no active effects associated with this and eventually my chest gets crippled. Oddly enough I'm not taking any damage to my hit points and my character doesn't make any sounds indicating they're taking damage

To test this I took my character to an interior cell and used the command "player.resethealth". After time passes I check the pipboy and all my limbs are at full condition except for my body. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I'm using so many mods it could be anything BrickWall Headbutt

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FNV Phantom damage over time effect

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