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March 2021


 Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions".

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Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions". Empty
PostSubject: Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions".   Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions". EmptyFri Feb 09, 2018 7:28 am

I'm just curious to see if anybody's ever done this, and what their story was. What I mean by fictional character RP isn't their OC, I mean like characters in other fictional media. Here's my example.

I modeled my character after David, the rogue/evil android in the Alien franchise, debuting in Prometheus and showing his true colors in Alien: Covenant.

So to start, I obviously modeled the male character as close as I could to David (if anybody else could do a better job, send me a pic), but I modeled Nora after Elizabeth Shaw, since it's apparent that David did in fact have feelings for her. And she's dead, only this time David didn't kill and mutilate her.

As far as choices, David is obviously anti-human and, if the prologue of Covenant is anything to go off of, he probably views synthetics as a superior "race" to man. So the choices I made in the story and DLC were...

  • The context here is that David went AWOL in the galaxy and returned to Earth in the year 2287, only to find it to be in the state it's in right now - full of dangerous mutated beings, which would be a scientist's utopia, particularly for a scientist who couldn't be harmed or targeted by his "subjects" (though for the sake of gameplay this failsafe doesn't work).
  • David still needs a human to love (and perhaps butcher as he did Shaw), so take your pick. I chose Piper.
  • Of the four factions, I chose the Railroad. Now one or two people might say that I should've chosen the Institute due to their gimmick as scientists, but then remember how their synths are slaves and just "property", which David would no doubt take offense to.
    The Brotherhood aren't much of an improvement, and the Minutemen are guardians of the Commonwealth's human population, which I'm sure David would also take offense to in some way, shape or form.
  • Automatron proceeds as normal since there aren't really any choices to make aside from executing or sparing the Mechanist/Isabel Cruz.
  • David exterminates both Far Harbor (which I couldn't bring myself to do but I'd advise for anybody trying to make an authentic David playthrough) and the Children of Atom to keep them from interfering with his work with the Synths of Acadia.
  • Nuka-World is up for choice. I just went ahead and sided with the Raiders (I typically annihilate them after finishing The Grand Tour) since they'd be helping David clean out the Commonwealth and, since he's their leader, he could off them by surprise at any time if he needed or wanted to.

That's what I did to roleplay as David. Share the character you chose and list the choices you made in the format as mine (both in a list and in saying who you sided with or who you destroyed in the events of the main game and the three main expansions). This should be interesting.

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Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions". 76561198096227723[/color]
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Share your fictional character RP and the "conditions".

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