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 Which internet comics do you read?

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Commander Wolffe

Commander Wolffe

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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 3:36 pm

So of the many comics that can be find only on the internet, which ones do you read?

This is my own list of on going internet comics:

Looking For Group:

I have no recollection of how I found this comic series but it originally started off as a WoW/Warcraft parody, which later on turned into it's own stand alone comic. Which comes along with a spin off comic making parodies of real life events called: Tiny Dick Adventures

Dragon Ball Multiverse:

Another comic that I came across one day, way before Super was a thing. This comic pitches the main cast of the franchise against old foes from the past and their own selves from different universes with a change of their background.

Dark Legacy Comics:

Another WoW pardoy comic that I stumbled upon has their hilarious takes on current events in the franchise and things that happen with the game in general. Starts off poorly drawn but improves later on, just sit it through and maybe you'll enjoy it.

Grim Tales:

A unique comic series that combines various franchises into one story, I came across this one when looking into Danny Phantom. It mainly features the Billy and Mandy franchise as adults but also features franchises like: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Danny Phantom, Power Puff Girls and many others.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Whatever:

I found this comic after reading another comic made by the same author. It's a parody comic of The Ocarina of Time, obviously. I am not a Zelda fan but I do enjoy it a lot and I believe most of you die hard Zelda fans could enjoy it too. As it takes parodies on many of the game scenario's.

Sandra and Woo:

It's a comic series that often makes parodies of real life situations but also has it's own sets of stories. I can't say it's a great comic but I do enjoy reading it.


Made by the same author it's a fictional medieval comic series about a young sorceress and her friends who by accident become involved in a series of events that could result in war, or even a threat to life itself.

Double-U Tea F:

One of the last of the ongoing Sonic Franchise based internet comics I still have. Found this one while being in a Sonic mood, sometimes features other well known franchise but in the end the story is a great read. True it can be weird some times but it has it's good moments too
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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 3:56 pm

Only 2 but I hold them in very high regard.


Just really enjoyable witty humour that always entertains me.

Gone with the Blastwave:

An apocalyptic infinite war comic, with three coloured factions, where you follow some guys working for the red team constantly having adventures through this hellscape, good stuff.

Hee to the ho.
Which internet comics do you read? RAnMyfN
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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 6:27 pm

Dinosaur Comics:

It's basically about two dinosaurs that talk about random topics. It follows the same formula each time, but they're usually pretty amusing.

Now I suppose you're going to tell me you're just out looking for a water chip.
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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 9:11 pm

Hoo boy, buckle up and settle in.
Ava's demon
Some of the best art you'll see in a webcomic, although it goes on frequent and long Hiatuses (we'll be getting off of one of those soon enough) and the writing is sort of meh in most places. The art and the twisted nature is what hooks most people and it hooked me about two years ago.

Wilde Life
Do like characters that are likable, intricate, AND distinct whilst still being able to maintain an air of mystery? Do you like monsters and modern day magic? Do you like werewolves, witch lesbians, or hot ghosts? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, do yourself a favor and check this shit out!

Sure, there's a plot, and it's somewhat interesting, but mostly the characters are charming and funny. Its got this real refreshing take on child heroes that goes a little bit like this: maybe we shouldn't traumatize kids. It helps that the art style, once the author settles into it, is flexible, funny, and cartoonish without sacrificing reality completely and still lending itself to a good bit of drama.

If you cant tell by now, I really like webcomics. Monsterkind is one that I scoped out while it was still early in development and its art style skeeved me out a bit. It was really uncomfortable while somehow remaining bland. That being said, it's improved and the story is right up my alley. It's current art is really nice to look at and the story has been getting really interesting. I mean, on it's base level, it seems like your typical "racism is bad" story, which is fine, I like those stories, but they've gotten a bit samey, bland, uninformed, and simplified. Monsterkind takes a hard look at institutional racism through the eyes of a relatable, although privileged, MC without feeling overly aggressive or too played down, allowing its themes to play in with its main conflict featuring a government conspiracy. Side note: The author is the spouse of the author of Paranatural, so whenever one comic goes on hiatus, the other one probably will too.

Sister Claire
Alright, how much do you like super powered, vaguely religious, magical lesbians that fight against not only evil, but the concept of good and evil? Even if you don't you should check out Sister Claire. Really nice story telling (until recent, at least, but it looks like that's going to pick back up soon), the first act is packed with cool references, and the characters are really fun until they're heartbreaking. I'll admit, while the story is told well, it's not actually very original and it has a bit of a useless messiah problem. The power crawl can be painful and the art is somewhat funky to me. I'm not sure what it is, but the designs don't feel very consistent and some are certainly better than others. This is a weird one, it's become much more introspective than when it started, but (mostly) in a good way. I've heard some argue that its a bit overblown and I can't really argue with that. That being said, I found it really charming and I continue to wait for updates.

Not Drunk Enough
I'm not actually caught up on this one, I read it for a long time, but then it went on hiatus and other comics took my attention away. I ADORE this art style, as for the story, its very visceral. That's all I'm going to say, you should check it out for yourself.

White noise
Yeah, again, I'm not really caught up on this one. I'm less than a chapter behind but what I've read so far is really good. This is another "racism is bad story" but its done even better and more nuanced than Monsterkind. You could even argue that the author is trying to make a broader statement regarding human nature. Every time I think of this comic, I remember both how nice it is due to the bond shared between characters, how brutal it is due to the full on race war occuring in the streets, and how heartbreaking it is considering the main story revolves around two adoptive sibling who love each other very much and yet are seperated and forced to live in alien and unwelcoming societies, left wondering whether the other sibling is even still alive. There is a dedication to the art on this comic, there is heart in the story, and there is finely threaded needle in its themes. Check. It. Out.

Daughter of Lilies
This one's just good. The art is good, the writing is good, the characters are good, the setting is good. It's just good. AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS.

There are others that I read but they're not as worthy of recommendation. Either they're WAY too deep of a dive (Homestuck I'M LOOKING AT YOU), or their just not very good and just sort of guilty pleasures of mine (I.e. TwoKinds, Slightly Damned, Awaken, etc.). Obviuously I can't exactly review or recomend comics that I havent read, but some that I've heard good things about but just haven't read yet include Sfeer Theory, The Lonely Vincent Bellingham, The Boy Who Fell, Broodhollow, Blaster Nation, Namesake, Trying Human, Helvitca, Knights Errant, etc. You can google these but I recommend that, if you're looking for webcomics, you check out Hiveworks here. There are so many webcomics there and new ones are added frequently. Feel free to just browse their archives, everything there is totally free.

Be wary, or become a lonely boy.
Which internet comics do you read? 4wcQkTt
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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? EmptyFri Feb 09, 2018 2:59 am

I'm not that much into comics and the only ones I care about are those by Lordran & Beyond:
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Which internet comics do you read? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Which internet comics do you read?   Which internet comics do you read? Empty

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Which internet comics do you read?

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