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 Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!)

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Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!)   Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) EmptyTue Jan 30, 2018 5:42 am

Dear GUNners Big-Hug
Today is the day...

We're shutting down the site! RunAway

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I see what you did t  
Just kidding!
Hope you are all well this fine 2018 morning!

I have GOOD NEWS for you!

We have passed 80 000 registered members this week!
Welcome Joy Dance Dancey Banana Dance Congratulations! cheers

The site keeps growing! So we have to continue to adapt!

First order of business:
Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) F7SBZpH0_o
We've implemented an auto-resize feature for Avatars.
We've kept having problems with people using obnoxiously and site-distorting large avatars, and all of the PMs to ask them nicely to change them started taking most of our staff time here. Other scripts we tried before either lagged the site or were unstable, but I've found a more appropriate one now and I hope it will please everyone.
The site will no longer look distorted because the 150x200 pixels maximum limit wasn't respected.
including .gif images, which remain animated.
We had to choose one size fits all, and 150x200 pixels (as the previous maximum size was) would stretch the 150x150 pixels avatars too much, and 150x170 pixels resize would flatten the 150x200 pixels avatars too much. So this is the compromise. I hope it won't look too weird for any of you. Had to be done.

We will still remove avatars showing NSFW (nudes, porn) or sensitive images, such as nazis, killings/hangings, racist, religious or overtly political elements, etc.
If your avatar disappears one day, it'll be because it broke one of those limits ^ but size limits should no longer be an issue.

Also, signatures are not auto-resized, so please try to use only images (either one pic or several put together) that are smaller than 700x250 pixels.


We've added several subforums by user request:

@tuxek requested an Archives subforum for Solved Troubleshooting topics
Request topic:

T.T.T.T. Archives under Tech, Tools, Tutorials & Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Archives under Fallout/Troubleshooting

Now we just need our volunteering staff members to clear their schedules and take the time to identify and move the "solved" topics into the T.Archives. Please be patient and, if you want to help, let us know here and post links to whatever topics you find to be solved and should belong to the T.Archives.

@LordGeneralCheese has requested a Comics subforum for comic-book discussions.
Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) Comics10
Comics under Member's Lounge
So comic-book inspired discussions should and will be found there.
I'm thinking we should possibly move the MCU and DCU (cinematic universes) discussions, from Movies & TV Shows, into that section as well, to liven it up. What do you guys think?
Should the comic-book movies discussions be under Movies or under Comics discussion subforums?

Speaking of Movies, @ZombieRedNeck , @Torsorapgirl & @Star have been doing a bang-up (but too often overlooked and underrated) job of reviewing old and new movies, under the Tombstone Reviews trademark. We've decided to give them their own subforum:
Movie Reviews under Movies & TV Shows
Check them out and leave your opinions on their reviewed movies,
and also suggest other movies to be reviewed in the near future!
Great work, Tombstone crew! Thumbs Up

Speaking of overlooked series on our site, the wonderful GUN Insiders Interviews series has been receiving less feedback than it deserves. @dragbody and @William Lionheart have been pouring their hearts in making it a monthly thing, and some of them barely get noticed.
So we've decided to advertise them on the side bar of the site, to the left of each page
< --- Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) S5MTvvBz_o (and it's clickable *wink wink* )
The button will be improved/modified/customized in time.
But anyway, make sure to check out the current and previous interviews
of the top players in the far-reaching modding scene you've come here to enjoy!

That would be all for now.

The site interface overhaul is suffering a bit of delay because our scripter got caught up with some real life issues, but we'll still pursue a visual update as soon as possible. Perhaps by the time of the site-wide anniversary - 23rd February, it will be ready! Fingers crossed! Thumbs Up

Thank you for your attention and most importantly, for your input!
These site improvements would not be made without the vital user feedback we've been given.
Even the motto of the site was given to us by our members:

Come for the Mods, Stay for the Community!
May it be this way for all of you!
Please continue to give us feedback, whether positive or negative, always in a polite, constructive manner.
We Truly Thank You and Hug You all!

Best regards! Hello Hats Off

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Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!) DVAted
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Day Report - 30th January 2018 (80K!!!)

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