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August 2018

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 Help with a fallout Machinima!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Help with a fallout Machinima!!!!!!!!   Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:55 am

Hello there gunners Im new to the gun network so I'm not sure how everything works yet so bare with me I've heard that you guys are the people to go to when fallout is involved.
I've been a fallout machinima fan since I saw theses years ago

Running Gun Studio tales of the grey

DrakorthaDC Chronicles

Mans1ay3 Wasteland Survival

I've always wanted to make a machinima of my own but never knew how they did it so well so If there's anyone that can give me information with the following you will be doing me a huge solid.

1.Getting Npcs to talk to the player without the player being lock into dialogue.
2.Getting Npcs heads to track a specific way
3.Getting Npcs to do certain animation
4.Building sets for scenes
5.Getting Npcs to walk,sit down and lay down on certain chairs/beds Etc

There's a scene in the DC Chronicles Season 2 ep 2 at 7:47-8:16 where there's a long take and 8 different animation happens in that take WITHOUT A SINGLE CUT how does one pull that off.

if anyone has any information regarding these topics or any regarding machinima at all please share I could really use the help.
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Help with a fallout Machinima!!!!!!!!

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