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March 2021


 My journey to G.U.N.

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My journey to G.U.N. Empty
PostSubject: My journey to G.U.N.   My journey to G.U.N. EmptyFri Dec 22, 2017 2:21 am

So the reason I joined G.U.N in the first place was because of the mods because I saw certain YouTuber namely NCRVet whom used mods from G.U.N in his Top 10 Greatest Armours of All Time video and went to the description, saw Battlefield 1 Armoury and saw the link and was "Hmm I don't usually see mods from other than the Nexus" and went to the comments and one of the first ones I saw was from TheHermit talking about how "Nexus users are probably gonna get mad with all the G.U.N mods" or something along those lines (I can't find the comment, now he deleted it) and I was like the mods must be pretty high quality, they must have some subscription type thing for you download something and then I clicked the link to the Battlefield 1 Armoury and made my account and was a like, hey this is a pretty normal site and downloaded some mods that piqued my interest but I remember Dragbody saying in one of his armour mods that no one should post images of the mods on Nexus and was like why? He even named the ESP of the mod DONOTPOSTIMAGESONNEXUS so I played with the mod got the armours and recognized the assets used and soon learned that some mods here use assets from other games and was like okay, whatever.

3 Months later Juicehead released his 3 Illegal Mods video and it was FUCKED by dislikes so I went back to the NCRVet armours to see if something happened in the modding community and people were ripping into GUN and I was like what? There were things like "GUNetwork, kill me now fam" and I asked why this was happening and some guy (not the modder) said, "Well gunetwork modders are basically asset flipper and they're all mod hoarders who don't allow some users to get certain mods" and that's all I needed to hear and was like "You know what asset flippings pretty bad and basically left my GUNetwork account to be deleted but then a few months later I realized something when re-watching the 3 "Illegal" Mods video by JuiceHead writing a hate comment about how GUNetwork are asset flippers who don't know how copyright works and then went to Nexus to download some mods and looked at my load order and realized that a lot of my mods were based around using another IP's work and quietly I went "huh" and realized my stupidity, deleting that comment to JuiceHead and realized how Nexus is kinda hypocritical on using assets because for obvious reasons, modding is not a payed service (Well most of the time but we don't talk about that) it's free and developers aren't losing money over assets used, it's not pirating, we're not thieves because A. Copyright laws barely apply to Mods. and B. Even if GUNetwork modders like Dragbody are "asset flippers" his work still requires effort. Even if he is a pirate he put effort into his work and no one should take his work away and finally about mod hoarding, well modders OWN WHAT THEY MAKE, remember Civil War Overhaul? Remember how the author privatized it because of the Election? Well even though it's a weird way to protest and he hasn't released it even though he said he would by November (How times fly) I will still respect HIS decision on hiding HIS mod. So in conclusion, GUNetwork is not Port Royal, Dragbody isn't Jack Sparrow and whatever a modder makes IS THEIR WORK.

Anyways, that was my journey to G.U.N and want you opinion on this. And, I love ya all.

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My journey to G.U.N. 09810
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My journey to G.U.N.

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