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January 2022


 |Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song"

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|Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song" Empty
PostSubject: |Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song"   |Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song" EmptyWed Nov 29, 2017 11:58 pm

The knocking of a Madman, not uncommon in these troubled times. Madmen, that was, not so much the knocking in areas as secluded as this.  Indeed, even when they were present, Madmen would rather take to shouting and thrashing. They would, regardless of intention, take to breaking many things and bringing about great disturbances and anger. They would, indeed, find themselves causing enough disturbance and anger until their shouting and thrashing was ended by another: permanently.

In times of trouble Madmen were to be expected, but times had been troubled for so long now, so, so painfully long. So long, in fact, had Tameren known Madmen and troubled times that he had begun to wonder which came first.

Perhaps they weren't exclusive to each other? Perhaps days had never known peace? Perhaps men had always had minds made of fire? Perhaps, even Tameren, had always been as mad as he was now? "Perhaps" was put to a great many things. The answers did not always matter, and rarely would one stumble upon one. The questions, however, those were the fires that burned in men's minds and made mad the merry.


Felt like posting a short little excerpt from a story I'm writing since I've been gone for a while. I've been really busy but I'm gonna try and post here more, so tell me if you'd like to see more excerpts like this.

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|Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song" 4wcQkTt
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|Excerpt| "Mad Men" from "The Forgotten Song"

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