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December 2018

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 Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72

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PostSubject: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:09 am

Edit: A cleaned up and updated version of this interview can be read over on Reddit.

Hello I'm Username-72 (This is me - I just conducted the interview under a different username), I administer the Someguy2000 wikia, recently I did an interview with Someguy2000, the the creator of New Vegas Bounties, before reading I recommend playing The Someguy Series for Fallout New Vegas and giving Someguy’s Interview with Unshaven One (Part 1 and Part 2) a watch. Enjoy!

SG2K = Someguy2000
UN72 = Username-72

  1. UN72: How drastically have your mods changed from outline to creation?
    SG2K: It depends on the mod. For some projects, there are negligible changes. For example, New Vegas Killer was almost entirely improvised, so there was scant need for revision. The Better Angels adhered closely to the original outline, as did The Inheritance. On the other hand, NVBIII had multiple drafts, with wildly different plotlines and conclusions. Some content is cut due to time/engine restraints (or just plain old burnout), whereas other mods have been cut entirely. Several years ago I completed 50% of Blood Saga, but I was so disappointed in the product that I trashed it. Another case was Hero's Saga, which was my first attempt at adapting Beowulf, and was singularly terrible. Finally, the romance in NVBIII was mercifully axed because it was positively atrocious.

  2. UN72: Who was that romance with? Polly?
    SG2K: It was with Felina (who is inaccessible), who could've gotten pregnant before she was murdered by Marko.    

  3. UN72: I noticed there was an encounter with Polly cut from New Vegas Bounties III, did you intend to leave her character for The Better Angles or Just A Courier. And were there any other ideas you had in mind for her?
    SG2K: Polly's characterization changed dramatically through the years, truthfully. She was intended to mimic John Wayne's relative in The Searchers who is captured by Comanches and eventually assimilates into their culture, so much so that she prefers to live with them rather than return to her old life. The player would eventually be confronted with a hard choice of whether or not to let her continue as a Raider (her choice), capture her, or kill her. She would have died in captivity.

  4. UN72: Have any interesting unused treatments from released mods ala the Lake of Fire treatment for New Vegas Bounties III?
    SG2K: New Vegas Bounties III is the big one, obviously, and off the top of my head there were no other *major* changes to other mods. Sword of Sigdan was originally going to have voice-acted scenes between the brothers, but at that time (summer of 2012) the CK's dialogue system was broken, so I cut all voiced content.

  5. UN72: What was The Judge insinuating when the player strangles him? [Dialogue] - (Marko... Will) (Marko's... Brother... Will)
    SG2K: It was just foreshadowing Sergio's arrival, and the implication that he would reckon with the player.

  6. UN72: Did your plans for Marko / Sergio change much through development of the series? The Judge mentioned Marko marauding through the Llano Estacado.
    SG2K: Marko was always meant to be on a steady Westward trek that would eventually lead to a collision with the Courier. How it panned out was uncertain until I wrote New Vegas Bounties II back in late 2010. After re-watching The Great Silence, the idea of setting it in the mountains of Utah and subverting the entire bounty hunting profession just stuck with me.

  7. UN72: What was Under Western Eyes (The follow up to Wickham's quests) Going to be? Was it supposed to be a lead in into Sinners & Slaves or perhaps The Siege of Firebase Zulu?
    SG2K: It was going to involve more covert military operations sanctioned by the NCR's unnamed intelligence agency. It would have been linked to Sinners And Slaves and The Siege of Firebase Zulu, but only through dialogue and/or a few characters popping up in both mods.

  8. UN72: You've mentioned Russell had a cut story brach(es), what was cut?
    SG2K: In the original draft of Russell, the player and Russell could've helped the tribals wipe out Silverwood and/or ally with or betray the Legion. It was cut due to burnout, much to my regret.

  9. UN72: I really enjoyed reading the Benjamin Hines holotapes, how much time did you put into writing them?
    SG2K: Those were done over a few weeks while a fellow modder worked on some dungeons for the mod. I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I'll make a note to set aside time for similar content in my Skyrim mods.    

  10. UN72: Assumidly you won't be doing anything more with the East Coast/Bethesda Game Studio Fallout games, so if you don't mind my asking what where you going to do with Marhsal Cooper?
    SG2K: Marshal Cooper was always very vague in my notes (what few I had for Fallout 3). He was going to attempt to take control of the Regulators and forge an alliance with the Railroad. His ultimate goal was to stamp out the slave trade, and his questline would've involved dealing with the follow-up to Eulogy Jones' death (people who are MUCH worse move in to fill the void). It was never fleshed out, though.

  11. UN72: Did Brookshire have any particular position/title in the NCR?
    SG2K: Agent in the NCR's unnamed intelligence agency; it's an undefined, mid-level post.

  12. UN72: Was Brookshire going to have any kind of a role in later mods, or was he purely a NVBIII character?
    SG2K: Yes, he would've been the architect of the failed scheme to assist the slave uprising in Sinners & Slaves. The plan itself is meant to be as low-risk as possible to the NCR, as they employ a mercenary (The Courier) to train and lead a group of convicted misfits who were rotting away in military prison. It's inspired by The Dirty Dozen.

  13. UN72: How long has it been seen you've played the classic Fallout games (1 & 2)? Would you ever be interested in making mods for them?
    SG2K: I last played them in the early 2000's. I doubt I'll mod them, but it's possible I could replay them on my channel.

  14. UN72: Have you read the Van Buren design docs? If so what did you think?
    SG2K: Bits and pieces, yes. Fascinating stuff, though it's clear that Obsidian gleaned some of the more interesting elements for use in New Vegas. I would've liked to explore Denver and meet the Hounds of Hecate, etc.

  15. UN72: Bit of an off topic question but what are your thoughts on GOT Season 7?
    SG2K: Entertaining, but it's painfully obvious that D&D have drifted from Martin's source material.

  16. UN72: Was the twist of Frosthill thriving under Marko but failing and dying if Marko is killed inspired by Tim Cain's original treatment for Junktown?
    SG2K: No, it's just a product of Marko's strong leadership.

  17. UN72: Was that bit about Zulu's mine going dry intended to be apart of FBZ the mod?
    SG2K: Yes. The entire battle is ultimately for naught.

  18. UN72: Which of your outlines have made it into physical development?
    SG2K: Martin's Marines, Hero's Saga and Blood Saga. The first was lost due to a pc crash (occurred 4-5 years ago). The others were abandoned because I felt they were lackluster and/or formulaic.

  19. UN72: What do think of the DLC for Fallout New Vegas?
    SG2K: My favorite is Old World Blues due to the sheer hilarity and embrace of the Wild Wasteland spirit of Fallout 2. I enjoy the characters of Dead Money and the setting of Honest Hearts, while Lonesome Road just left me... dissatisfied.

  20. UN72: Is there any thing(s) you wish you could have done with a previous mod?
    SG2K: There are more things than I can list. I wish I had included the tribal questline in Russell, implemented voice acting in Sword of Sigdan, made Bradley's death less contrived, etc. I have plenty of regrets, but I just take them as lessons for future mods.

  21. UN72: Stupid pedantic question - How do you spell Kagan's name? I've seen a few notes where it's spelt Khagan.
    SG2K: Khagan. Some characters misspell it.

  22. UN72: Do you picture any particular actors in your head when creating characters?
    SG2K: Absolutely, particularly with characters like Doc Friday and Red Bear. I actually pointed the voice actors towards Doc Holliday and Blue Duck, for example.

  23. UN72: Self indulgent question - Whaddya think of the Wiki?
    SG2K: I love it and I really, really appreciate your help. When I release SSS, I might actually use the wiki as a database for the multifarious quest requirements.

    UN72: What have you done differently with Thirsk Saga versus Hero's Saga?
    SG2K: It's woven into existing game world and takes considerable inspiration from Morrowind and Bloodmoon. Hero's Saga was a straightforward, linear adaptation of Beowulf, from start to finish. It was just... stale and exceedingly bland. I decided to break from that path and include more branching questlines with freedom of choice, in addition to multiple endings. The antagonist, for example, is no longer a thoughtless "other" but a person with a vested and understandable interest in destroying Thirsk.

  24. UN72: Was Blood Saga a reincorporated Skyrim version of Bloodlines: The Order?
    SG2K: Bloodlines was going to be about the late-game Hero of Cyrodiil coming to grips with his/her legacy. Thirsk Saga comes closest to capturing that theme, as mortality and reputation are key points of Beowulf. My other hope for Bloodlines was to set up long-term characters that could appear in Skyrim mods (another benefit of vampire-related storylines).

  25. UN72: What do you think about the Creation Club? In the FAQ they mentioned they're open to making larger content in the future, if that were true would you still be up for it?
    SG2K: It depends. I did apply in the early stages, but I'm uncertain if it would be compatible with my style of mod-making. I can't imagine Bethesda signing off on my Fallout mods (too much profanity, sexual violence, slavery, etc.), but perhaps I could work on Elder Scrolls content. The primary obstacle is voice acting. From what I'm hearing in the grapevine, Bethesda is loathe to include voice-acted mods due to concerns regarding localization. Dialogue drives my mods. I suppose I could lean on prose (notes, etc.) and environmental storytelling if there was monetary incentive, but I wouldn't be as passionate about it (i.e., Sword of Sigdan).

  26. UN72: What was the story of Murder, INC?
    SG2K: Murder, Inc.: The player is contacted by a mysterious individual via holotapes (Bobby Bass), who recruits him/her to undertake a series of morally ambiguous assassination missions. Along the way, he/she becomes involved in a gang war between two crimes families with varied interests and strengths/weakness. One of my sticking points in design was that the entire mod could be played without killing (deliberate irony with the title). The ultimate aim was for the player to align with one of the families before a new player enters the commonwealth (Dickie, the former owner of Marko).

  27. UN72: What was the story of By Rage And War?
    SG2K: By Rage and War was a vague sequel to Rourke's Rangers. This series would focus on the player leading the Minutemen in a series of engagements in and around the Commonwealth. The over-arching plot would involve the migration of multiple tribal groups who had been uprooted by a larger, more aggressive horde. Compare to the Huns bearing down on the Goths, prompting their frantic migration into the Roman Empire. Lots of foreshadowing of the unnamed "horde", in addition to countless moral dilemmas involving the settlement and/or conflict with the initial waves of refugees. By Rage and War would feature the actual battle between Commonwealth forces and the migratory horde.

  28. UN72: What was the story of The Mercenaries?
    SG2K: The Mercenaries was just a skeleton of an outline. It would've been my long-planned adaptation of Xenophon's Anabasis. There was nothing concrete about the script.

  29. UN72: What was the story of The Man from Old Mexico?
    SG2K: The player is somehow tasked with scouting the Altar Desert (hadn't ironed the intro out) before he/she runs into El Quemador, a mad warlord who is obsessed with fire and hallucinogens. The player could ally with El Quemador (who is useful against the NCR and/or Legion) or assist local tribals who chafe under his capricious rule. It would've been greatly inspired by Lawrence of Arabia. Long story short: Recruit El Quemador or the tribal coalition to assist your faction when the battle for the Dam occurs.

  30. UN72: What was the story of Sinners & Slaves?
    SG2K: The player goes to "29 Stumps", and NCR outpost in the Mojave Desert, where he/she meets and trains four NCR soldiers who had been imprisoned for a variety of crimes, some of which were downright horrible. These are the "Sinners" who can earn pardons by completing the mission under the Courier's leadership.
    After training the "Sinners" (during which the player can alter their stats by choosing training styles), they discreetly cross the Colorado River and make their way to Mt. Humphries (outside Flagstaff). There they meet "Spartacus", a charismatic slave who is supposedly leading a "Grand Uprising" (according to NCR intelligence) when in fact they are just a band of half-starved outlaws when the player encounters them. However, with the player's assistance they soon begin winning small, guerrilla engagements against the Legion before besting them in open battle. This does indeed prompt slaves to revolt and flock to Spartacus' banner, but also introduces complications. Most of the slaves are more interested in immediate plunder and vicious retribution (again, inspired by historical revolts).

    While Spartacus simply wants to lead the slaves across the Colorado to freedom, a majority led by "Turner" (inspired by Nat Turner) insist that they can destroy the Legion at its heart and plunder endlessly (similar to what happened in the Third Servile War). The player can back Spartacus (note: This was a name he took after a fellow slave told him it would intimidate Caesar) or Turner. However, the army is ultimately split, with one part attacking Flagstaff and the other fleeing to the Colorado River. The Courier and "Sinners" will die if they assist Turner, ending the game (they are simply overwhelmed by the Legion, who ambush Turner's column).

    If the player assists Spartacus (who is shepherding the most vulnerable parts of the slave population to NCR territory), they will be pursued by a relentless Legion commander and fight a variety of rearguard engagements before a last stand that will determine whether or not the slaves escape to freedom. Depending on player choices and dialogue, some or all of the Sinners choose to stay and fight to the death so that the slaves can safely cross the River. The player may fight with them (he/she may die or be captured, then ultimately escape), or die alongside the Sinners, who may find a form of atonement in their sacrifice. The NCR never formally acknowledges their deaths, but their records are cleared (provided they stayed and fought). If they flee, they have a variety of fates revealed in the slideshow. The overarching theme is redemption - whether or not truly despicable people (murderers, rapists, psychopaths, etc.) could truly expunge their guilt is unclear, but it would pose the question nonetheless. The Epilogue would involve the player either escaping (assisted by Rangers Josey and Watson) and/or helping slaves assimilate into NCR society, as well as honoring the "Sinners".

  31. UN72: What was the story of The Message?
    SG2K: The NCR hires the Courier to deliver a message to Goliad, a remote community northwest of New Vegas, with the implicit understanding that he/she will persuade them to join the NCR. However, the player finds a town brimming with internal conflict between farmers and ranchers, each with varying interests. Ranchers want to join NCR, whereas farmers prefer to remain independent. It is a loose adaptation of Shane; the ultimate question is whether or not the Courier could live a peaceful life, as he/she will be invited to join the community and live a "normal" life (however briefly). Ultimately, however, the Courier is forced back into violence regardless of which side he/she chooses, and is reminded that the "brand" of killer will stick to them for life.

  32. UN72: What was the story of Martin Marines?
    SG2K: A crazed former Marine, Martin, recruits the player to assist his ragtag gang of mercenaries that he has modeled after the U.S.M.C. of the Old World. It would culminate in a series of engagements with other mercenaries in addition to fighting "The Claws" a savage group of tribals north of New Vegas.

  33. UN72: What was the story of Just A Courier?
    SG2K: 20 years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Courier is hired by either NCR or Legion to deliver a message on the other side of the country, where he/she will encounter Marko and ultimately, Khagan. It was directly inspired by Old Man Logan. There was not much development aside from the basic plot points. It was to serve as the conclusion to the series.  

  34. UN72: When will we get The Duelists 2 god damn it.
    SG2K: It will be integrated into SSS. There will be duels aplenty, I promise.

That's it! Thanks to Someguy for the interview.

Edit: Apologies to the mods, I was not aware there was a specific forum section for interviews. Thanks for correcting!

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:17 pm

Wow thats some great stuff there. Someguy2000 to me has always felt a tad elusive so Kudos to being able to pin him down and get this interview. It's fascinating to see what made the cut and has been left behind.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:30 pm

Great interview. If only Someguy was able to make Firebase Zulu and Sinners and Slaves

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:13 pm

Wow there was stuff in this interview that I did not know!
I have always been a big Someguy2000 fan, great to read and hear about him.
Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us! I enjoyed reading it. It is good to know that the Quentin Tarantino of Moders is still around! cowboy

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:46 am

Very good read once again another legend. I sooooo wish he'd make something for FO4. It would be amazing! The bounties mod that's out for FO4 is definitely inspired by NVB and it's fun but just not the same.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:46 am

Well, an interview from my favorite quest mod author, so pretty interesting if you ask me. Some of those storylines sounds great, the sad part is that we will most certainly never get to play any of those stories, still, I'm grateful he got to finish the New Vegas Bounties series at least.
Also, if I remember correctly, he mentioned that he might be modding New Vegas again, so that'd be pretty cool. I guess that the Frontier Dev Team might have already had the idea, but having a Someguy quest in the Frontier would be a nice idea too, or even in Project Brazil aka New California for that matter. In any cases, he said he wasn't done with modding Fallout, so we'll see more from him in the future, be it on FnV, Fo4 (unlikely), or Fallout 5, who knows..

Anyway, as I said great interview, enjoyed reading it, nice work @Napara !

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:52 am

Some great interviews coming out recently - fantastic 

Thank you @Napara for hosting the interview and Someguy2000 for taking part

My YouTube 
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:00 pm

Awesome Interview, great way to start my day
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:05 pm

Great interview, I really did enjoy his mods, I hope he does more again.

By the way, sorry for not being very active on the wikia, I feel bad about that since you made me an admin on there. I'll try coming around again when I get back into playing new vegas again and play the someguy mods again.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:05 am

Someguy2000 remains one of the best mod authors. Guy's work plays out like a film. He basically made his own spin offs, all with the quality and theme that Fallout is known for. A true legend.

Thanks for posting this, awesome read.

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:35 am

Also the interview with him on video
Great post!


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Larry Wowboy


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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:47 am

Someguy is the main reason that I keep coming back to FNV, so this interview was a treat.

FNV in general seems to age like wine. With New California and The Frontier on the horizon and TTW continually being upgraded, the game is on the verge of a renaissance. The cherry on top would be Someguy returning to send us on one more adventure.

I really love how he works around the classics. I'm not really into Skyrim, so I've never really played his Skyrim mods. His interest in doing a Beowulf themed mod fascinates me. I myself have a facsimile copy of the manuscript and did my own translation for a grad school project. I would be curious to see what his take on the story would be when he injects into the Skyrim universe. It would be even more interesting to see it plugged into Fallout.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:19 am

In a recent POP (Prophecy of Pendor) play-through, Someguy has actually expressed some interest in returning to New Vegas after he finishes Thirsk Saga (his Skyrim mod), he'll either do that or create his other Skyrim mod (Someguy's Scintillating Scenario's - which he said he may merge most of his other fourthcoming mods outlines into)
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:39 am

Someguy2000 streamed himself working on his forthcoming Skyrim mod: Thirsk Saga tonight.
Myself, Unoctium and Roy Batty was also present in the chat.

I really started something bad at around the 1:37:14 mark Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72   

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Interview With Someguy2000 | Username-72

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